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1  General / Wish list / mklivecd or remasterme or Remastersys on: September 29, 2008, 05:59:17 AM
I want to request for a package called mklivecd or remasterme .

This has already been adopted by many GNU/Linux distributions e.g
PCLinuxOS.These packages enable a person to make a complete remaster of his/her
installed system, which serves both as customized system plus a full back to
restore a system


Please include this package into Pisi and for the next release of Pardus Linux
as it is a must for everyone.


2  Assistance / Configuring Pardus / Does anyone know how to convert filesystem from EXT3 to JFS or XFS safely? on: September 27, 2008, 19:16:57 PM
I could not find any forum discussion on this topic so I decided to ask:

Since Pardus 2008.1 Distro defaults to EXT3 filesystem, that is what I currently am running right now.

I was wondering if anyone has succesfully converted from EXT3 to JFS or XFS filesystem?

I am looking for even better system performance.  On my other PC which runs LinuxMint, I have JFS filesystem and runs very, very fast!

Normally, I would just reload Distro and choose another filesystem that I want but I don't want to lose now what I already have here with this Pardus OS collectively.

So, I guess what I am asking is "Has or does anyone know how to convert filesystem from EXT3 to JFS or XFS without reloading the OS, Safely witout risk of corruption?
3  General / Wish list / Re: Remastering / Pardusman on: September 27, 2008, 03:11:12 AM
There was a thread I posted in recently with instructions on how to build the svn version of pardusman and the last release of it. It appears to have been deleted for some reason. I think miltonjohn2 was the thread originator, title was 'how to remaster Pardus-Install-CD' under General Topics. From what I remember he'd got it installed following my notes but was unable to get the program to build an iso.

I think this was the link when it existed: http://worldforum.pardus-linux.nl/index.php?topic=2181

Maybe milton deleted it as the thread originator or a moderator did for some unknown reason. Annoying.

Can you give it another try?
I did a few days ago. I got pardusman to come up as GUI, I filled in most of the fields.  After about 10 secs. the program quit and no .ISO was made.

Can you tell me what you filled in the blank fields.  Maybe I am doing something wrong.

**Can you please tell me your steps since they missing from the post?**
4  General / Wish list / Re: Remastering / Pardusman on: September 27, 2008, 02:27:00 AM

Well thanks for looking at it.  Embarrassed   I believe you.

How about PARDUSMAN?

Here is what I found from the software forum in Pardus. What can you do with it Lashni? Can you make it run stable? Can you get an ISO captured of a whole complete Distro of  Pardus?

Please let me know.

Last I heard was that someone had an ISO created by Pardusman but they were not unsure of it's validity.  I am told that the program itself is waiting to be put in Pardus repository. If this does work I would like to use now and not wait until the next distro release.

Here is the forum excerpts:

Re: Live-CD/DVD's with "mklivecd" on Pardus
« Reply #11 on: May 27, 2008, 10:42:52 PM »   


At first you should build "pardusman" package from the "dev" repository, by using the PiSi finder tool namend "pisibul":

After the setup of "pardusman" you can start it over a terminal.

Pardusman comes with a graphical user interface. It is a simple way to create your own Pardus Linux ISO-image (USB-stick, cd/dvd, a.s.o.)

5  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: [Solved!] Want to check on WiFi on: September 27, 2008, 01:00:26 AM

Mine works great I have a netgear 8185 WIFI PCI card. Loaded Partus 2008.1 for the first time ever and saw WIFI AP possible connections immediatley around my neighborhood.

Love this Linux OS distro.

I really don't know why more people are not using it?!!!!
6  General / Tips and tricks / Re: [Tip] Dual boot Pardus and Windows XP on one hard drive on: September 27, 2008, 00:29:18 AM
This is my fumbling attempt at a How To.   Cheesy

I recently installed Pardus and I seemed to do everything wrong by messing up grub, fiddling with gparted and Ranish Partition Manager, corrupting ntldr, and misplacing MBR.  Many of you will laugh or think, “give a newbie a couple of partition managers, bad idea!”, but just in case this helps anyone.

I had XP Pro installed on a 150 GB hard drive partitioned as NTFS on half of the disk, and wanted to erase the current Linux distro that was on the remaining half and install Pardus 2008.1. 
I used a live-boot disk utility called Ultimate Boot CD and in it used Ranish Partition Manager to delete the Linux partitions (which included a swap space) and then proceeded to E (erase) which wrote zeros over the data of that partition.  Don't ask me why, but I always do this before installing or re-installing any operating system. 
 I then clicked S (save MBR ) and F2 (save file to disk), otherwise I would have messed up the master boot record.  Booted out of UBCD and restarted system and inserted Pardus 2008.1 Hyaena install disk and booted with CD drive first.  Clicked enter which started the boot up process.  Be ready to click F2 soon to arrow up to English language, or you will boot up with Turkish language.  I did this the first time, but no big deal. I restarted the disk and was ready for it the second time.  After going through the preliminary generic questions about default keyboard layout and time zone, I came to the Add User section.  I added the first user with administrative rights, and created a second user with no administrative rights.  Next screen was password to use for root.  Now comes the part where I messed up. 

Select the Partitioning Method:
-Automatic. Try to use free space or resize current partitions
-Delete all partitions
-No.  I'll partition my disk manually

I selected “Try to use free space...”.  With the other distros I have used, like ubuntu, for example, it would use the remaining free space, which would have been the remaining half of the disk's unused, unpartitioned space.  But Pardus chose to use the NTFS Windows partition, which was roughly 75 GB.  When I clicked next it showed a summary of how it would be installed, showing it would shrink the Windows partition down to about 43 GB and use the remaining space on that partition for Pardus.  I thought, huh? 

(I think the install would go easier for newbie's to Pardus or first time Linux users if this first selection was more accurate or clearly put.  If it says it will try to use free space, it should.  I am assuming here that free space is unused, unpartitioned space.  I think some term it unallocated space.  Pardus did the latter of Automatic and resized the current partition.)

I decided to select this just to see what it would do.  I came to the next field, the boot loader choice.  I wasn't sure, maybe it was because I wasn't used to the wording, or just wasn't thinking straight, or recently read up on where to install grub and became confused, but instead of selecting
“Install to first bootable disk (recommended)”, I chose the second selection,
worded something like, “install where Pardus is installed at”, and let the install process begin.
And what an install process:  beautiful icons to look at of programs that you will have at your fingertips, with a brief description of each program.  Nicely done, and wow, what a fast install of 11 minutes.  It says it will take about 30 minutes, depending on your system. 

I rebooted after compeletion and, boo-hoo, no Windows showed at grub boot menu, or maybe it was there at grub, but when I clicked on it, it brought me to a black error console, at this point my memory is a bit foggy as I had  tried another install and more fiddling and messed it up even more.  In the first install, while in Pardus I could see that Windows was there and shrunk down to 43 GB or so.  Just like it showed in the summary.   

Hey, no problem, as I read up on what I did wrong and was ready to try it again.  Others probably know enough about installation that they laugh at my mistakes, but remember, I'm a newbie.  I tried again, made more mistakes with using Ranish and was able to fix the system using the Wiki How to Restore Grub for Pardus.  I had my system back, but I was ready to try again, for I didn't want to leave my Windows partition resized.  I used Ranish Partiton manager to wipe the whole 150 GB disk.  You won't need to do this, but I was ready to make a clean install, instead of trying to resize existing partitions and fixing grub and the master boot loader.   I'd only installed XP recently, so it wasn't a problem for me.

With pnp disabled in BIOS, I inserted my nLite XP unattended installation disk, but this time resized the NTFS partition to 53 GB as I planned to have another smaller NTFS partition and install Pardus on the remaining unused space. So, let XP do its thing on the 53 GB partition, which allowed me to start a load of laundry, go pick green beans from the garden, give the chickens some food, and sit on the back porch. 

With that finally finished, I removed the XP install disk, rebooted, and inserted the Gnome Parted live disk partition utility.  It showed in a graph bar that XP was installed on 53 GB as NTFS.  Then I clicked on the unused space of the graph bar, which highlited it, and clicked “new” and “resize” and slid the bar to the left to create a partition of about 30 GB as NTFS file system.  I wanted to create this middle partition to use for placing movie files as I do a lot of video editing.  Clicked “apply” and then rebooted system.  Then upon restart of computer, inserted the Pardus install disk.  I was much more relaxed as I knew what I was doing this time. 
1. Select Partitioning Method:
and this time I selected
“No.  I'll partition my disk manually”
(I'll add here that I've never been able to figure out other distro's manual partioning choices.  Ubuntu's  selection confused me, [where do I put /root or /home?] , and  Fedora confused me even more.  I was expecting the same, but actually Pardus makes manual partitioning easy, as it tells you what you need, lets you use a slider bar to size it-no figuring out megabytes.  Nice job, Pardus team!)

2. Select the disk to apply selected method:
ATA WDC sda (149 GB)
Manual Partitioning shows a graph bar for my setup as
Disk 1 (sda)-149GB (59.0GB Free) with a W icon so I easily knew where XP was installed. 
I clicked on the right part of the bar, “Free Space 59.0BG” which highlited the it.  Went down to bottom left of screen and under
to use: 
“as Pardus System Files (mandatory)” well, we'll need that, won't we.
Since I wanted a swap space, I dragged the slider from the right hand side to the left until I felt it had left me about 8 GB of space.  (I read that a rule of thumb for Linux swap space is twice the size of your RAM. ) You can do the math for converting mb to gb if you don't know off hand.  I just guessed at how far to slide the bar.  “Format” box is automatically ticked.  Clicked “apply” and it changed the graph bar section I had highlighted and changed it to a blue colour.  And in this section it showed “Partition 5 Pardus will install here 52.0GB”  You can hover your cursor over it and it will show more information.  If you want to change and start again, click, “Reset all changes”.

This left me with a free space of 8.74 GB which showed in the graph.  I clicked on this part, which highlighted it, go to bottom left of page
use space:
“as swap space (optional) “
and I left slider bar alone to use remaining space for swap.  “Format” is automatically ticked.  Clicked “apply”.  Showed highlighted section of swap partition.  You can hover cursor over any section of graph and it will show specifications, such as path, size and file system.  Clicked “next”.
Bootloader Choice:
This time I selected the first choice, the recommended choice:
“Install to first bootable disk (recommended)”.  Clicked “next” and it shows a summary of where all will be installed, such as root and grub, etc. giving you all the information you need before you commit.  “Begin Install”.  Ah, such a pleasant install experience!  The big tick mark saying Pardus was installed successfully.   Click “reboot” and the disk ejects (even Fedora 9's live disk doesn't do this properly), the system restarts and I am greeted with a nice grub menu of Pardus or XP, which I am able to boot into both without any problems. 

Lisa Marie

Hi Lisa Marie,
My approach is this: Start from scratch and boot PC with a windows 98 (boot disk). Use windows 98 boot disk util called  "fdisk" and delete any existing partitions. Create a primary partition but when it asks to use all of the partition answer "no" and make 1st partition around 20GB for use for Windows XP.  Next, you will still have remaining partition space to use. You then will select menu option to create extended partition and use the remaining hard drive space. Last, you will then be asked to create logical drive(s) for the remaing space. You can then make 1 or more logical partiitions. I choose all of the remaining space.

Reboot PC with Windows XP software and load Windows XP. When the Windows XP setup see's all partitions existing on your PC you can select the 20GB partition and install Windows XP.

When Windows XP is all loaded up you then can reboot PC and start loading your favorite Distro..Partus if you will. You can use  Linux's partitioning util to make more divided partitions from there if needed ie..swap, home..ect. I almost always take the manual option of paritioning and select unused partition(s) from there. That way I dont mess things up by allowing the Linux auto install program to make automatic choices for me. It is so very easy to do. Most, if of not all of us NEWBIE's do that Grin

When Partus is done and loaded, reboot PC,  you now have a dual OS on your PC because Linux by now has made a GRUB menu for you with both OS's listed in the menu during the boot-up.

As we say to one Linux lover to the next "HAVE FUN!"  Grin

7  General / Wish list / Re: Picasa 2.7 for Linux Wish request on: September 26, 2008, 17:56:36 PM
Posted below are the exact commands I used to download, install and run picasa.

wget http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/pool/non-free/p/picasa/picasa_2.7.3736-15_i386.deb
ar x picasa_2.7.3736-15_i386.deb data.tar.gz
mkdir -p ~/bin/google/picasa
mv data.tar.gz ~/bin/google/picasa
cd ~/bin/google/picasa
tar zxf data.tar.gz
rm -f data.tar.gz
cd ~/bin
ln -s google/picasa/opt/picasa/bin/picasa

So going through the lines:
* I used wget to download the latest 32bit deb of picasa.
* I then used ar to extract the install files from the deb.
* I created a directory and all it's parent dirs to place picasa (~/bin/google/picasa).
* I moved the archive to the above dir.
* I changed to that directory.
* I extracted the archive.
* I deleted the archive.
* I changed dir to ~/bin.
* I created a symbolic link so that I could run ~/bin/picasa to execute the program.
* I ran picasa.

Hope that clears things up for you.

Hi lashni,
it works great for me too! Thank's a lot! You do GREAT work! You have superior Linux Skills and it shows!  What a powe house for the Pardus community!

You are a GREAT ASSET to this forum Smiley


P.S.-   ***QUESTION***:  Might you by chance have a work-around install for CD/DVD REMASTERSYS DISTRO IMAGING program?

I really do want to make a remaster/backup .ISO for all of the extra programs and changes done on here so far and I really do love this Linux distro and I don't want to lose what I got so far.

You really do great work and explain things really well.

I have read what have been done so far and all I am really seeing or have been told was that it may be put in the PISI repositories in  future distro's but thats not a given just a hope that a programmer will put that in the works. Meanwhile one person out there has on and off working of the program but nothing stable for anyone to use for good results.

I think if you could make it happen we would see the distro's rating move even higher as this is a very popular request.
8  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Hey from Australia on: September 25, 2008, 20:32:39 PM
Hi, I'm Tim and I've been using Pardus on and off since the 2007 release. I've decided to settle in with it as my primary distro and get more involved with helping the community in some fashion. I've been using various shades of Linux since about 95, starting on Slackware and recently LFS/Pardus/Mint. Somewhat of a hobbyist coder, python being the current infatuation - rarely brilliant at any language, I just tend to hack on stuff until it works.
Hi Tim,
Glad to have you as a member. Thak you for your help in the forums. You are very knowledgeable I can see.

Thanks a bunch.

I am new to the community.

9  General / Introduce yourself / Re: I finally made it to the good ship Pardus, from Arkansas, US on: September 25, 2008, 19:41:48 PM
Hi all,

I guess I wear out my welcome as I've been chatting with many of you here on other threads, but just to say that I am very pleased with my morning's install of Pardus 2008.1 for kde install disk.  The only thing that made me freak out was the language at boot was in Turkish, but I quickly saw the F2 button to change to English. All went very smoothly after that, in fact, I've never enjoyed an install more.  I very much like the orange colour layout, and I used the help menu for some of the things I wasn't sure about, which came in handy.  If it wasn't for the Hummingbirds wanting their feeder refilled, I would have stayed put in my seat during the entire install process, as I liked the icons that showed during the install with the different programs, and the brief description of the programs.  It helped me to know where to navigate once the install was finished and I rebooted system.  It all went fine. 

The help wizard at initial log in was helpful, but I still see that Network Manager needs to work on their settings for those of us with dial-up modems.  It still will not connect after I filled in the correct fields.  There was no "connect" button.  This is a Network Manager problem though, as you will see bug reports about this for us few that use dial up.  It didn't matter as I used KPPP, which I am very familair with.  I'm using FF now and all is well. 

Very nice board layout.  I like the default blue colour and the icon shapes.  The clock is easy to read, as are the kicker icons.  With windows, the default setting for my 1280X1024 display is tiny. 

Nice fonts, sound was recognized with my new audio card.  I will give it more of a work out as I go along.

Just to say Thank you to the fine folks who created and who maintain this operating system and the help wikis and fourms! 

Warm regards,
Lisa Marie

edited to add: I also appreciated the ability to check the disk integrity upon pre-install.  Great install feature!

Hi Lisa, A pleasure to have you as a member of the Pardus community. Thanks for your help in my problems in the forums. I am new to Pardus. I am glad to be a member of the Pardus community and have people like yourself to be so helpful.

10  General / Introduce yourself / Hello from Roseville, Michigan on: September 25, 2008, 19:35:30 PM
Hi Everyone,
My name is Terry. I consider myself an average Linux user. I have been using Linux for 4 years as a windows OS replacement. Within the last 2 years I have been trying out many distros with Linux Mint, Kubuntu and Debian among my favorites until now. I am always looking for the most common office needs that are included right out of the box and that's what I find with Pardus.

Sure it's not perfect but its very, very close. I love the art work too! I must say, that this Linux OS is so very different from the rest I have used. I find myself at ground zero of not knowing much at all about this OS..it's just completly different. I guess I am so use to the way Debian OS works and where to find files, libraries, configuration stuff. none of that is where you think it would be in Pardus. What a switch!  So, I find myself having to relearn all over again.

The good news is, this system is stable, have most if not all of the things I need right out of the box and is very easy to operate and enjoy.

I have gotten many responses from the community forum and everyone is so nice and helpful!

Thank you for your help and support! Smiley

11  General / Wish list / Re: Picasa 2.7 for Linux Wish request on: September 24, 2008, 19:41:35 PM
I'm happy to download picasa and have a play at getting it installed, won't be for a few hours until my off-peak kicks in (evil isp speed limiting me just for my constant leeching).

Did you try http://picasa.google.com/linux/faq.html#44 btw?

EDIT: http://en.pardus-wiki.org/HOWTO:Picasa - seems to indicate that the advice in the google faq works on pardus.

No I did not, but please post how your install went and please comment any suggestions or shortcuts or a better way to install. I am not a geru just an average user of Linux.

12  General / Wish list / Re: Picasa 2.7 for Linux Wish request on: September 24, 2008, 08:20:24 AM
I see that no one commented on this.

Does anyone know how I can get this program installed on Pardus 2008.1 otherwise?

See source of possibilities to work from. I would really like to install now.

I would like Picasa 2.7 for Linux as posted and put out by Google. They have several options for repositories and I don't think any of the flavors of Linux are migratable with Pardus...I could be wrong though.

Anyways, Here is the link: http://picasa.google.com/linux/download.html

Thanks, BTW, I was able to succesfully add Brasero to the PiSi package manager! Thanks a bunch. I hope you are able to help me with this one as well. This program is the best Photo Imaging program out there as compared with to any that Windows had to offer. As I build onto this Linux distro to my own needs, I am enjoying what Pardus Linux team is doing to be number one on the top list of what the world  community is looking for! Keep up the Great work Shocked)

13  General / Wish list / Re: W32codecs for wish list on: September 21, 2008, 21:25:53 PM
I use Firefox 3.0.1 on Pardus 2008.1 (upgraded from 2008) with in Firefox the Java (TM) plug-in 1.6.0_06 and Shockwave Flash plug-in 9.0r124.

The bingo game works fine.

I hear no sound but that happens more often, somtimes the sound is via the sound-on-board of the motherboard (speakers are not connected to that, front headphone sockets are), my speakers are only for output of my seperate soundcard.

But I understand your problem is not about sound but about the applet not opening at all?

Anyway strange that you are unlucky whilst other Pardus users (including me) encounter no problem at all at this issue.

Yes, I have all those loaded  and showing in firefox. When you are at the pogo wesite do you log in a member?  The reason I am asking is, If I play as a guest, the game works fine, but when I log in as a member the applet does not work. Says applet is not init or applet loaded..which is is not.
14  General / Wish list / Re: W32codecs for wish list on: September 21, 2008, 20:50:34 PM
I did check in PISI manager for flash plugin and it is loaded. What next to check?

Perhaps a stupid question, but sometimes stupid questions can pay off  Cheesy

If this is about being able/unable to play games at an internet website, COULD it be that it has to do with the type of webbrowser one uses?

Which browser type did all of you use when trying to play the mentioned game?
Browser <--> flash-plugin ?
I am using Firefox 3.X and I also use that with all my other distributions with plugins and java 6.X
15  General / Wish list / Re: W32codecs for wish list on: September 21, 2008, 20:47:58 PM
With Pardus 2008.1 I can play from www.pogo.com without any problem.  Grin

Thats what I thought too but try this link as it plays attempts to play one of the games but applet does not load: http://www.pogo.com/games/luau

I get msg." applet not init" and no game screen.

I did check in PISI manager for flash plugin and it is loaded. What next to check?

Does the link play for you? Can you play the bingo game and here the sound and the game working with voices and objects moving?

I am sure some games work but this one in particular seems to need W32codecs to work. On my other PC which has LinuxMint. I have flash plugins loaded, W32codecs and it works. If I take out the W32 codecs the game does not work.

Yes, for me, the bingo game is working with sound.
Have you made a fresh install of Pardus 2008.1 or have you made an upgrade from Pardus 2008 ?

Yes, fresh install of 2008.1 done a week ago.
Perhaps you could tell me what repositories you have listed in yours. I only have 2 of them listed in mine which are Pardus 2008-1 and contrib.

If there are others then I would need those then. It is questionable if I really do have all the repository lists since I don't see a whole lot of listings.
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