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346  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Hello from Romania! on: October 22, 2008, 15:10:28 PM
Ceau, <welcome to Pardus>, acum exista un forum international pentru Romani Tongue

347  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Hello, and congratulations from the United Kingdom on: October 22, 2008, 15:08:46 PM
I'm not British per se (citizenship, Romanian origin), but I am a Pardus developer living In the UK (^Scotland^ lol).
Welcome to Pardus Tongue
348  General / Introduce yourself / Live, Breathe, Die, Pardus. on: October 22, 2008, 15:02:04 PM
Heyyy, I discovered Pardus roughly a week ago, and I'm in awe of its stability, the Force Quit options is far more powerful, PiSi feels far smoother and more administrative than my former Ubuntu Synaptic (also, PiSi is read the same way in Romanian i.e. meaning kitten), KDE is more stable (whenever I would play a 3-D game in Ubuntu eventually the game would stop and exit to my Desktop which would crash), I like how Pardus isn't an extremist Linux distro where people don't want >anything< to do with Windows like its a Nazi regime (YALI is similar to Windows installing sequence i.e. slideshow, Kaptan is like Vista's "Welcome", new drives plugged in make a window appear asking what you would like to open it with) on top of which, firmware is preinstalled > my trackpad can do horizontal scrolling! Which its only ever been able to do in Vista & OpenSolaris (not even XP), I also like the felines themes like those of the Mac operating system, Pardus releases new editions a lot faster than Ubuntu's 6 months waiting period.

What I love most about Pardus, is that its still in a raw form. There is so much value you can bring to this project, I'm currently working on translating all the .pot files to make Romanian a supported language in Pardus 2008.2, I'm contributing to Pardus-Wiki (english version) [http://en.pardus-wiki.org/Main_Page] and seeding Pardus torrents [thepiratebay.org/user/Mhmrcs], I'd like to raise awareness to these forms of contribution and encourage anyone to help, what Pardus may lack in funding, it will make up with a zealous communtiy.
People reading this message have obviously also discovered Pardus, congratulations.
349  International Pardus Users / Romanian / Ai optionea de a contributa la projectul Pardus daca stii Romana> on: October 22, 2008, 14:47:40 PM
Mai intai, bine ati venit la Pardus Worldforum, eu cred ca Pardus este cel mai efficient si stabil sistem de operare care exista, sper ca credeti la fel Smiley, daca aveti vro intrebare nu hesita sa imi trimiteti email.

Pardus 2008.1 nu are suport pentru Romana, dar versionea 2008.2 va avea, (sper...). Cand am timp, traduc fisiere .pot de Pardus din Engleza in Romana folosind kBabel, cine poate citeste si intelege treadul acesta poate face la fel Smiley. Daca va intereseaza, trimitemi email.

350  General / General topics / Re: Why does Pardus constantly stall and freezes? on: October 21, 2008, 16:16:37 PM
I had the exact same problem when web browsing. In my case, it was caused by the add-ons I had installed (which were several security related add-ons such as Cookie-Master etc), JavaScript and Flash, mostly the former, can really take down any Linux distro, in my case, I had to wait around 2 to 3 minutes until Firefox loaded my homepage, in the meantime if I clicked on anything, it froze. I used Ubuntu for the past year before switching to Pardus, Meebo almost always crashed the second the page loaded, this is a common problem, Sun Microsystems and Adobe specialize in providing for the Windows platform.

I reccomend installed "NoScript!" (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/722) and more importantly:
Click on the Pardus Icon >
Tasma >
Peripherals >
Keyboard Shortcuts >
Under Global Shortcuts Scroll Down To "Miscellaneous" >
Create a Shortcut >
^ Pressing the shortcut now a black skull with two cross bones will appear, clicking on the malfunctioning application with end it in a instant (its like Task Manager in Vista but far more powerful), this will prevent your entire system from crushing.
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