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1  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / the install of "krusader" in detail on: July 27, 2006, 21:17:12 PM
Actually, following all the instructions, I was able to install my first program in Linux: Krusader, an excellent file manager.

This was with the latest Pardus hard drive installer (not the live cd)

First, I opened a console window, and logged in as root , you do this by typing sudo su. The console will ask for your password, and you type your root password. (you won't see anything ; in Windows, the letters of your password are shown as little stars)

I downloaded "Krusader-1.70.1.tar.gz" to my desktop

I then extracted this file using the following code in the console :

tar xzvf /home/fret/Desktop/Krusader-1.70.1.tar.gz
cd Krusader-1.70.1
make    (this can take a very long time, so be patient)
sudo make install

When the whole process is finished, simply give in the name
in the window "Run Command" (click on the panther-head below, and
you'll see all choices, among which "Run command),
and there is your new shiny "krusader", a twin pane file manager, with an exquisite "find"-command.

It lets you find files, of which you only have a fraction of the name (it will find "krusader" if you give the search string "usade")

You have to indicate the proper path however.

In Windows, I know where my files can be, but in Linux, I have no clue.
So with "Krusader", I can find my files back.
2  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Is it possible to install tar.gz packages or rpm ? on: July 23, 2006, 14:27:57 PM
I would like to install the vmwareplayer, which is available for Linux as a
tar.gz package or as a rpm package.

Is it possible to install this via the console, and what are the commands to do this ?

Is it possible to give all the details, because I'm an absolute beginner.

Or is it only possible to install pisi-packages in Pardus ?

Thank you very much for your answer
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