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April 17, 2014, 06:28:17 AM
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1  General / Introduce yourself / Hello from Pisa, Italy on: May 01, 2009, 06:52:06 AM
Hi everybody, I've just discovered Pardus and I'm already falling in love with it!
I'm coming from kubuntu jaunty, which is, in my opinion, a pretty nice release, that I've been following since the first alpha, helping with bugreports and testing. Pardus however seems to be more "polished": it has that magic touch that makes me feel happy about using it. Can't wait for a kde4  (2009) version!

Something about me (if not interested just skip Smiley ): I'm from Pisa, Italy, where I study marine Biology. At the same time I work as a scuba dive instructor. (ps: for all the divers around here...ever tried vplanner and jdivelog for linux? Smiley ).  Hope to travel the world one day, helping with my work to protect what human beings have not destroyed yet about the sea. I consider free software an important step in the right direction for a better world. Free software is related to free knowledge and. above all, to the power of being free to think with our own mind. This is a very important topic for me, in my country media are heavily influenced by a single person, who owns most of them and sometimes it's hard to understand what's really true and what's false. Or even if there's something true at all in what we watch in tv or read in the newspapers. 
About my nickname: cane salato is the litteral Italian translation for "Salty dog". Smiley

2  International Pardus Users / Italian / Utenti italiani, chi c'è batta un colpo on: May 01, 2009, 06:25:46 AM
Ciao a tutti! Questa distro è fantastica!! Speriamo si diffonda presto anche nel nostro paese!!!

Ero curioso di sapere in quanti siamo del bel paese (che ha visto tempi migliori Cheesy ).
Se il numero è consistente avrei una proposta per la testa.... Wink
Intanto, se ci siete, battete un colpo qui sotto. Non vorrei sentirmi solo Smiley

3  General / Wish list / Amule Adunanza on: May 01, 2009, 03:46:59 AM
Hello to everybody... I recently came in contact with Pardus and I have to say that I'm REALLY happy about it, especially its kde integration (after years of kubuntu...).
Since I'm Italian I'm really missing one thing: Amule Adunanza.

What is Amule Adunanza?
In Italy we have a lot of broadband providers. One of the most important and widely used is called: Fastweb. Unfortunatly aMule doesn't work fine with it. So that's the purpose of aMule adunanza. It's a modified aMule for fastweb users. This software is so important and so widely used by fastweb users that for ubuntu 9.04 jaunty it entered in the official ubuntu repos (there was a very big request for it). Since compiling it is not trivial a binary package for pardus would be more than welcome. It's  a key app for winning users from Italy (like me). More than this, Fastweb is a growing company, expanding itself in other European contries.

These are the required dependencies for building it:
- g++
- make
- autoconf/automake
- wxWidgets ver suggerita >= 2.8.8
- intltools
- gettext
- zlib
- libpng
- bison
- flex
- binutils
- libupnp (ver >= 1.6.6)
- libcryptopp (ver >= 5.5.2)
- libgeoip/GeoIP (optional)

link to source code:

To have the latest svn version trunk:
svn co https://amule-adunanza.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/amule-adunanza/branches/mrhyde_november_rain amule-adunanza/branches/mrhyde_november_rain

If anybody creates a package for this, I wouldn't be able to thank him enough! Of course I volunteer to test the package and report if it works fine, since I'm on a fastweb connection Smiley

Thank you for reading, but more than this, than you for Pardus. I really hope this distribution will fly in the sky in the near future. It deserves this! Great work Smiley
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