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121  General / Introduce yourself / Re: howdy from Texas on: November 06, 2009, 15:42:36 PM
Hi, bubbel and csaenemy,

Thank you both for your words of welcome; I appreciate it. Last night I finished the housecleaning and backing up of my hard drive; tonight or Saturday I'll do the necessary partitioning and try to install Pardus.

I believe I have a good burn; the md5sum was verified and I popped in the CD and did the Media Check step. The installer said it was OK. I've printed off installation instructions from the Wiki, so now it's a matter of keeping my fingers crossed ...

If it works, I expect that I'll need to have my hand held with KDE 4. I read someone's analogy that becoming familiar with KDE 4 is like learning to drive a car where they have changed the location of the gearshift, the headlight dimmer switch -- maybe even the accelerator pedal (?). Hopefully I will find out whether my old hardware is capable of running KDE 4.

122  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: Pardus 2009, GRUB2 and multibooting Linux on: November 06, 2009, 03:45:43 AM
Hi, rotistmeinname,

Thank you for correcting my mistake. Sorry, I must have misread that GRUB2 was the default bootloader. I'm not disappointed; I'm relieved that Pardus uses the older version of GRUB. It will be easier for me to fix if something goes wrong.

Danke f"ur Ihre Hilfe.
123  Assistance / Software / Re: is TeX Live available in the Pardus repos? on: November 06, 2009, 01:54:50 AM
Hola, waf,

Gracias por la bienvenida y tambiĆ©n por la informaciĆ³n acerca de Texmaker. I have previously used Texmaker as my LaTeX editor in Ubuntu and Fedora. I think Kile has a few more features than Texmaker, but they are both good programs. (I've experimented some with AucTeX but since my Emacs skills are basic, I have to depend on an IDE that is more GUI-fied).

Saludos cordiales,
124  Assistance / Software / Re: is TeX Live available in the Pardus repos? on: November 05, 2009, 23:24:41 PM
Hi, atolboo,

Thank you again! It's great that TeX Live is available. Typesetting with LaTeX is one of my hobbies and I rely on it for my important documents.
125  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: Pardus 2009, GRUB2 and multibooting Linux on: November 05, 2009, 23:20:52 PM
Hi, atolboo,

Thank you for your welcome and your encouragement. It sounds like there is a good chance of GRUB2 automatically detecting everything. I will definitely try to install Pardus.

I am not an expert on legacy GRUB or at disk partitioning, since I don't distro-hop regularly. So I rely on the distro's installer to correctly configure the initial setup. I know from firsthand experience that it's frustrating and scary when you can't boot your OS. The Super GRUB Disk has saved me several times.

Met vriendlijke groeten,
126  General / Introduce yourself / howdy from Texas on: November 05, 2009, 23:07:31 PM
Hello, everyone,

I hope to install Pardus 2009 very soon, and that it will run well on my older hardware. I've read that Pardus has the reputation of being user-friendly and having an excellent implementation of KDE 4. I saw some positive reviews of Pardus that got me interested in it -- especially the article by Caitlyn Martin posted at DistroWatch (10 Aug. 2009).  

Like some others here, I'm an older Linux user (about to turn 52) -- or to use a more politically correct initialism -- an MLU [Mature Linux User]. That sounds better than "over the hill" or "decrepit."  Smiley I'm not completely new to Linux; I've used it at home since 2007 and am currently running Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron, PCLinuxOS 2009 and Fedora 9 Sulphur. I switch back and forth between KDE and GNOME, and don't have a strong preference for one over another. I have minimal experience with the XFCE desktop environment. But I feel like I really need to take the plunge and become familiar with KDE 4, since this is where the future is headed. (And if my hardware allows it, I feel I should gradually make the transition to KDE 4 as my everyday work environment).  

Even if Pardus does not work out for me, I think that the Pardus developers should be congratulated for an admirable accomplishment -- as well as the Turkish government, for making a commitment to open source software. It's amazing that they have been able to create a distro from scratch, without basing it on Debian or Fedora or some other big Linux distribution.

I wish Pardus and its users continued success and happiness. I will keep my fingers crossed that I can get it to install and run. (If it works, you'll certainly see me asking questions in the forum).


127  Assistance / Software / is TeX Live available in the Pardus repos? on: November 05, 2009, 22:17:12 PM
Hello, again,

I have taken a look at the Pardus Wiki (congratulations, it has lots of good information) and read the post below, but I am not sure whether Pardus 2009 includes TeX Live. (I did see Kile listed, so I am assuming that there is some sort of LaTeX distribution available).

Is TeX Live available in the repositories? Or are you still using teTeX?
(I don't want to sound critical; if teTeX is the only choice, that is completely OK with me).

"Pardus 2009."

Thanks / Te,sekk"urler,
128  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Pardus 2009, GRUB2 and multibooting Linux on: November 05, 2009, 22:04:26 PM

I hope this is the right section for this question ... I just registered today and this is my first post to this User Forum.

I have not yet installed Pardus 2009 International but I am almost ready. (I need to do some housekeeping first, such as backing everything up and repartitioning my second hard drive). I'm trying to do some research about Pardus and GRUB2 before I commit to the install.

If I understand correctly, the GRUB2 bootloader is used as the default in Pardus 2009. I have two hard drives and run three different distros on them (Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy on /hda, PCLinuxOS 2009 and Fedora 9 Sulphur on /hdb).

My question is this: Could users here comment on how successful / accurate GRUB2 is at detecting previously installed Linuxes? If I install Pardus's GRUB2 to the MBR, is there a good chance that it will auto-detect my other installs and boot them without problem? 

If necessary, I am willing to manually edit GRUB2's equivalent of the old menu.lst file, but it would be nice if the auto-detection allowed everything to "just work." (From my Web browsing, it seems they have redesigned GRUB2 from the ground up -- even to the point of changing legacy GRUB's partition numbering scheme [which already confused me enough]  Smiley ).

I have read the two threads below but would like some additional information, if possible:

"[solved] Problems with Grub."

"No chance to boot Pardus 2008."

Thanks for any advice you can offer. Te,sekk"ur ederim,

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