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April 16, 2014, 06:25:43 AM
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16  Assistance / Download/Repos / Re: Pardus 2011.1 repos on: July 18, 2011, 00:07:31 AM
It seems that repos for Pardus 2011.1 is different. Also, no community for 2011.1 exists so far. If you know of any please tell me.

OK, this is as near an answer to my question as I've seen. But I've not found a 2011.1 repo anywhere. With my upgrade, the "normal" repo as well as the pardususer.de repo remained as before the upgrade. If there is a 2011.1 repo that is distinct from 2011, I'd like to know where it is.

17  Assistance / Laptop / Re: and then it all went down... on: July 16, 2011, 14:27:32 PM
you could give mageia 1 a try, it works pretty well after a wired update and installing wireless drivers. Wink

It is excellent! I followed the development of Mageia from the time those who had worked for Mandriva were laid off. The advantage of Pardus is the built-in firmware for the Compaq v2000's Broadcom 4318 wireless card so that one doesn't need a wired connection in order to start the wireless.
18  Assistance / Laptop / Re: and then it all went down... on: July 15, 2011, 16:50:03 PM
But I remember for a year ago when my friend try connect wireless with a USB stick device (D-link of some kind) Ubuntu not worked, not Pardus, Linux Mint or PCLinuxOS.

My brother had such problems with Ubuntu. Some sticks work, but others absolutely do not. But both of his sticks worked with Pardus 2011 on my Compaq last March when I visited him (and shortly after I posted my bug report)! I've mentioned that at http://worldforum.pardus-linux.nl/index.php?topic=3683.msg19161#msg19161

But he could connect to the network with Mandriva/KDE. Smiley
So in this aspect Mandriva was great.
It had some very advanced settings and tools.

I've had a long-term relationship with Mandriva. It is excellent. I suspect that their 2011, whenever it finally is released (I'm not holding my breath for late August), will be great; but I finally lost patience last year with the almost total lack of communication to the forum. There have been very few problems with their wireless tools, on the other hand. I think I've read that 2011 will use knetworkmanager. I hope it will not replace the network drak tool.
19  Assistance / Laptop / Re: and then it all went down... on: July 15, 2011, 16:27:44 PM

I had no idea there were so many. That's a lot of problems. My report, under the "NEW" category (!), is 17248, posted in March(!). My issue is the failure to reconnect without user intervention to a hidden SSID after a reboot. The long list of issues says to me that this networkmanager build on Pardus is very much a work in progress. I fear it's a very large problem for Pardus, since wireless is the first item that must work after a new installation on a laptop, now the majority of machines. If wireless doesn't work, users tend to go elsewhere -- fast.

End of sermon  Grin
20  Assistance / Laptop / Re: and then it all went down... on: July 15, 2011, 15:51:49 PM
I came to very much in the same place in my struggle. I know there are Gnome versions of networkmanager that have the option "Connect to a hidden wireless network." I cannot recall whether I've seen that option in a KDE version of it, but I suspect I have -- AND that the option simply has not been built into the version being used by Pardus 2011+. Until we get a response from a networkmanager packager for Pardus, I don't think we're going to get anywhere. So the only option for now may be to do what you have done: broadcast the SSID.

21  Assistance / Download/Repos / Re: Pardus 2011.1 repos on: July 14, 2011, 13:27:50 PM
So, that's a "yes"??

22  Assistance / Software / Re: Kompozer on: July 14, 2011, 00:53:35 AM
You never cease to amaze, atolboo!  Shocked
23  Assistance / Download/Repos / Pardus 2011.1 repos on: July 14, 2011, 00:43:37 AM
Do the 2011.1 repos remain those for 2011? If so, then all users of 2011 who have updated have also upgraded. Right?
24  Assistance / Software / Re: Kompozer on: July 13, 2011, 22:28:35 PM
Sandro, I agree that Kompozer would be nice to have, but I don't find it in the 2011 repos, either -- not even the Developer Repo.

Please put your request in the Wish List forum, and immediately someone will urge you to file a bug report (a feature request). I will join you with a note in both places to say "me, too!"

The developers are responsive to such requests -- in my experience, though it sometimes takes a while.

25  Assistance / Laptop / Re: and then it all went down... on: July 12, 2011, 15:54:07 PM
just installed pardus 2011.1 _64. although the network manager shows a lot unhidden networks in the neighbourhood, it refuses to connect to my hidden router... of course  Tongue

Well, although disappointed, I cannot say I'm surprised, as there has been no response to my bug report other than atoboo's confirmation and question. It still will be a while (two weeks) before I can play with the new Dama Dama on my Compaq V2000.
26  Assistance / Laptop / Re: and then it all went down... on: July 03, 2011, 13:21:28 PM
... I have time to search for similar problems, that is, until next week when the corn (maize) ripens and is time to pick.

Thank you for the high humidity research. I'm looking forward to the silver queen.

I can't help think that your problem is a modprobe problem, in that your connection worked upon installation, which probed and set up devices, but for some reason this isn't happening upon after boots.

I think this was owiknowi's problem. Mine was simply a matter of inability of the wireless to connect after reboot to a hidden wireless network. After messing with avahi-daemon.conf and a startup bash script, that problem disappeared. I don't know why, but it did. As "punishment," OTOH, I couldn't shut down the notebook, which finally drove me to wipe Pardus off. For the time being I'm leaving that notebook alone, as I must focus on more urgent things. My intention is to install Pardus some time after the 2011.1 release (is that tomorrow?) and, this time, check the shutdown issue out before trying to deal with wireless.

As for NetworkManager, it continues to work better in Gnome desktop.

Absolutely right on that! As I recall it's a Gnome tool trying to be used in KDE. Very trying. Cheesy

27  Assistance / Hardware / Re: wireless lost on reboot on: July 01, 2011, 01:36:23 AM
I can only try to make it a working system on my MSI Wind U90X-037EU with 3 different wireless devices in P2009.

So you have three USB dongles or maybe one internal card and two dongles? Is that what you mean by "3 different wireless devices"?

After this in P2011 and Kurumsal 2 (both have the same Network Manager).
After this I can test this on my main computer with 2 different wireless devices and 3 different Pardus.

I don't follow you on this. Do you mean that you will replace P2009 with P2011 and Kurumsal 2 on (or perhaps add them to) your MSI Wind? And that you will also test on a desktop machine (such as the one from which I am writing, which does not have the shutdown problem yet also mounts network drives on each boot?
28  Assistance / Laptop / Re: and then it all went down... on: July 01, 2011, 00:03:11 AM
Hope you two don't mind my joining this discussion, since it is on a topic near and dear to me  Wink

... I believe for that particular file to be changed you have to stop, and then start avahi-daemon service, otherwise it will re-write a new file, avahi-daemon.conf.newconfig, which is just like the original.  You might try changing it to see if it makes a difference.

I made changes to avahi-daemon.conf and they stayed put through a shutdown/reboot. I commented out the line under [services] that is also commented out in Ubuntu, etc., according to the info I've seen here. Ultimately, it made no difference. But somehow I'm now getting a connection to my hidden wireless network without changes to that daemon and even without the bash scripts Atolboo suggested. Go figure. That's on the Compaq V2000 laptop.

Hopefully DavidD will get a suggestion or answer for his bug report and will resolve this for you, too.

I'm not holding out hope for that. I think the problem is with Network Manager. It apparently has no means to initiate the connection but only to configure it. In my other thread I've suggested that in other distros I've seen Network Manager with the option to "Connect to Hidden Wireless Network" (configuration) and "connect." I can configure 'til I'm blue in the face but without some "switch" to turn it on, nothing happens.

OK, back to your regularly scheduled program....  Smiley

29  Assistance / Hardware / Re: wireless lost on reboot on: June 30, 2011, 22:45:34 PM

Merely selecting the applet does nothing. Repeatedly configuring it does nothing. There needs to be a trigger, and in some versions of Network Manager there is the option "Connect to a Hidden Wireless Network" (whose SSID is not being broadcast). That's what I have been looking for.

That's what gets it done in Ubuntu, Mint, and others.

Regardless, I've been working on various changes and now have the connection occurring at boot. I've commented out the "browse" line in /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf [server] section, an item of discussion in the other thread between owiknowi and Lisa. I then removed your bash script that was making the connection at boot. On reboot, the connection was made automatically. So I'm happy about that.

What is driving me crazy now is that I'm unable to shutdown this notebook, perhaps because of all this tinkering. It hangs at "Unmounting filesystems" for many minutes, then stops shutting down after "INIT: no more processes remaining at this runlevel." I have to hold the power switch down until it's off. That's off-topic here, but I'm thinking that I should go back and un-comment the avahi-daemon.conf line and put the bash script back.
30  Assistance / Hardware / Re: wireless lost on reboot on: June 30, 2011, 01:37:31 AM
I will soon (probably not today) slip an old Netgear PCI wireless G card into my desktop machine running Pardus to see whether the connection is made to the network using other-than-HP hardware.

No joy with the Netgear card, which has an Atheros chipset. I still have to employ the iwconfig wlan0 command. So it's not necessarily an HP issue.
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