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April 19, 2014, 12:35:21 PM
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61  Assistance / Hardware / Re: wireless lost on reboot on: March 03, 2011, 15:20:20 PM
I changed the configuration of my router to broadcast the SSID -- something I do NOT want to make permanent -- and the connection resumed immediately upon reboot. I've used several of distributions on this laptop. Pardus 2011 is the only one that requires SSID broadcast to reconnect the wireless.

Perhaps I should file a bug report on this issue.


62  Assistance / Bugs / Re: Weird problem with wireless (Broadcom 4312 chipset) in Pardus 2011 [SOLVED] on: March 02, 2011, 21:22:09 PM
Take comment out, and see if it still behaves. The missing line in hosts could cause an issue if something on your system looks for an ipv6 connection. By disabling the module the system knows there is no ipv6 available

Did that, but as soon as I rebooted and arrived at the desktop, I saw agin the message that includes "Cannot connect to K launcher" and some other "cannot connect" words preceding that -- all of which was something I failed to mention upstream as an additional symptom alongside shutdown, screensaver, and the others -- and which, like the others, had disappeared.

I'm keeping the modprobe.conf line that you suggested, but I've returned to editi /etc/hosts, commenting all the lines below this one:

# IPV6 versions of localhost and co
63  General / Wish list / Re: CD/DVD labeling program on: March 02, 2011, 18:47:15 PM
Probably depends a bit on whether you are using label sheets or printable disks. But For the former, the tool that I have came with a .tiff template that I could then add designs using gimp, and for the latter again I always just filled in a circle within a square image either with gimp or OpenOffice draw.

P.S. You can upload any image from your machine as an avatar, just use the upload image option in the profile setting.

I'm using label sheets by Memorex. Glabels has a template that is perfect for it, along with the ability to add text, colors, graphics. Searching for a template online, I found a pdf of the Memorex template at http://www.worldlabel.com/, opened it in LibreOffice Draw, and inserted tables for text. When I printed onto the Memorex label (high quality laser printer), things were off noticeably. The templates didn't match.

I'll keep glabels on my wish list and hope that it appears in the repos someday soon.

64  General / Wish list / Re: CD/DVD labeling program on: March 02, 2011, 18:36:14 PM
You can use Fotowall for CD/DVD covers.

Thanks for the suggestion. I installed and took a look. I cannot imagine how it works for CD covers. What I need is something in a template that matches existing templates by Memorex, etc. glabels does that.
65  Assistance / Hardware / wireless lost on reboot on: March 02, 2011, 17:00:36 PM
I have a Broadcom 4318 that is recognized on installation (light comes on) but is very difficult to configure only because (I should say "apparently because") the network name is not broadcast and I am using encryption. I have to turn encryption off at the router, type in the network name, and then reboot and/or issue several ifconfig/iwconfig commands to get a connection. Then I have to set encryption at the router again, set encryption on the laptop, reboot and/or "iwconfig wlan0 essid ..... key s:....." to get the connection under encryption.

Now here's the real issue: Upon reboot, I can only make it connect again with the last iwconfig command above. I can find no other way to make it reconnect.

What am I missing? I've just installed network-manager-applet, but I cannot find it on the menu or start it via the command line. It is missing in action even though Pisi shows it installed! All my GUI efforts have been with the NM application in the panel, by the way. I'd use WICD in a heartbeat, but it's not available.

I need a "start network" command at bootup, as this bareback routine will not do. Shell script? If so, how to write it and where to put it.

Thanks - and apologies for the impatience. I've been working on it for the last two hours and am worn out and frustrated. Pardus is wonderful in almost all respects. With a few more applications and some way to "start" the wireless network running, it would be beyond great.

66  Assistance / Bugs / Re: Weird problem with wireless (Broadcom 4312 chipset) in Pardus 2011 [SOLVED] on: March 01, 2011, 21:08:27 PM
Yes the whole desktop enviroment uses networking, specially the loopback.
Try editing //etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf

add alias net-pf-10 off

to disable ipv6 and see what that does Smiley

Done, with thanks, although I've had no problem since making the comment-out changes to IPV6 references in /etc/hosts last night. Clock is good, screensaver works, logout works, no lockups.

67  General / Wish list / CD/DVD labeling program [Fulfilled] on: March 01, 2011, 15:38:34 PM
I've not been able to find "glabels" or any other labeling program for CD/DVD. Therefore, I am making a wish (eyes closed, of course), as I have a CD with two masses of Josquin des Prez awaiting a label, as a marking pen on such a CD somehow doesn't seem to do justice.

[Sidebar and very low priority: Could the collection of available musician icons for forum member avatars include composers of classical music? I'd be happy to attempt to find some unlicensed ones to contribute if I know where to contribute.]

68  Assistance / Bugs / Re: Weird problem with wireless (Broadcom 4312 chipset) in Pardus 2011 [SOLVED] on: March 01, 2011, 02:45:37 AM
Caitlyn et al,

Is it possible that the presence of IPV6 settings in /etc/hosts could cause any of the following problems, some of which* I've been having since the big update last week:
- resetting the clock to UTC on reboot
- intermittent screensaver failure to start*
- inability to log out/restart/shutdown*
- a couple of hard system lockups*

 Roll Eyes

My router is prepared for IPV6 but my ISP (cable, but not one of the biggies in the U.S.) is not.

Reason I ask this possibly ridiculous question is that I suffered a hard lockup yesterday while replying to e-mail. My clock stopped and there was no mouse or keyboard response. Because today I had been unable to reboot, I began looking for discussion in the forum on these matters. I ran across Caitlyn's post, decided it was worth a try to comment out the IPV6 statements in /etc/hosts on this wired machine (I'm thinking about putting Pardus on a laptop with a Broadcom 4318), did an REISUB to restart, and, when I got to the desktop, not only was my clock correct but also I'm now getting a response to log out, restart, or shutdown initiation.

I haven't checked out the screensaver yet, as it seems even more farfetched to think it could be affected by IPV6 settings. OK, you can stop rolling your eyes now. I'm just thinking too much here without sufficient credentials.

David  Embarrassed
69  General / Wish list / Re: wishlist: scanner programs on: February 21, 2011, 22:17:23 PM
atolboo and Craig, thanks. Xsane is now installed, whittling down my wish list! And it even recognized my Epson 2580 (-- once I plugged it in) Grin. Another plus for Pardus 2011.
70  General / Wish list / Re: wishlist: scanner programs on: February 21, 2011, 16:10:35 PM
Thanks I find it now.

Hmmm..., this is what is returned when I go there:

[tt]XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Location: http://paketler.pardus.org.tr/pardus/2011/devel/x86_64/pisi-index.xml.xz
Line Number 1, Column 1:


Whether I click the link, or copy and paste into the browser, that is the result.
71  General / Wish list / Re: wishlist: scanner programs on: February 20, 2011, 14:00:33 PM
I'm not sure whether you're using the i686 version of Pardus, but if you are you will find xsane in the http://paketler.pardus.org.tr/pardus/2011/devel/i686/pisi-index.xml.xz repo. I haven't installed it myself, but it's definitely listed there.

I'm using x86_64. But thanks.
72  General / Wish list / Re: wishlist: scanner programs on: February 20, 2011, 13:59:29 PM
Welcome, David!


XSane will be available soon. See Comment #7: http://bugs.pardus.org.tr/show_bug.cgi?id=16606#c7

Great to know. I look forward to it.

For gscan2pdf is already a package-request existing!
Would be great, if everybody who is interested in this wonderful program add his comment in the package-request to speed up the request: http://bugs.pardus.org.tr/show_bug.cgi?id=14244http://bugs.pardus.org.tr/show_bug.cgi?id=14244

Homepage: http://gscan2pdf.sourceforge.net/

I registered for Bugzilla and made a comment. Thanks. I'm glad to know others value gscan2pdf.
73  General / Wish list / wishlist: scanner programs [Fulfilled] on: February 20, 2011, 06:14:31 AM
As a long-time user of Mandriva Linux and a proponent of KDE, I want first to compliment the Pardus developers for Pardus 2011, my first acquaintance with this excellent distribution. What led me to try it was the combination of the kernel version 2.6.37, KDE 4.6, and LibreOffice. I am quite happy with the smooth operation of Pardus as a whole and hope that the developers will be rewarded with a quickly growing popularity that rivals Mandriva, Fedora, and OpenSUSE as well as the various Debian distros. It seems to me that Pardus should have a place in the top category of Linux KDE4 distributions.

There are a couple of barriers that keep me from using Pardus as my full-time Linux: two scanning programs lacking in Pardus 2011. Thus, I am posting here for the first time as a new member of the forum to declare my (short) wish list.----

(1) Xsane (www.xsane.org/cgi-bin/sitexplorer.cgi?/download/) is being developed for Pardus 2011, so I understand from reading in this forum, and I am eager to see it in the repository.

(2) Gscan2pdf (http://sourceforge.net/projects/gscan2pdf/files) has never been available to Pardus, as far as I can tell. The only mention of it that I can find is in a single forum post from August 2008. Because of its ability to scan multiple pages to pdf, this little program is very useful to me and something I need quite often.

For me these two items will make Pardus even more functional than it already is.

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