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April 25, 2014, 02:21:26 AM
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1  Assistance / Configuring Pardus / No Network Connection on: July 12, 2011, 13:59:02 PM
I downloaded the live version of the new release today. When I opened the network configuration from the panel a wired connection for eth0 was showing which is normal. I need to set up a DSL connection so I proceeded to this option, entered the details but they were not saved. I tried to repeat the process and returned this error:

"The Name Org.Freedesktop.NetworkManagerSystemSettings was not provided by any .service files"

After this the wired connection entry had also disappeared.

No matter I thought, I'll connect with my broadband modem instead and sort out a solution online. Plugged in the MD300 and nothing, the Mobile Broadband settings option remained greyed out.

Now with Pardus 2010 both these worked just fine. 

What is it with the KDE network manager that only swapping to Gnome seems to fix?
2  Assistance / News & Announcements / Re: Pardus 2011.1 Beta on: June 18, 2011, 13:21:55 PM
Thanks - much appreciated  Smiley
3  Assistance / News & Announcements / Re: Pardus 2011.1 Beta on: June 18, 2011, 09:36:44 AM
Excuse me for not understanding the post above fully, but if I install the Beta now, can I upgrade/update this to the full release after July 4th or will I be stuck with something that maybe isn't as good/stable?

4  Assistance / Hardware / Re: No Network Recognition on: May 13, 2011, 18:47:37 PM
Thank you for posting this but I can't afford to install again and not be able to connect, and I'm not proficient enough with Linux to explore other options. 

Funnily enough, the latest KDE live versions of Fedora, Suse and Kubuntu all behave the same.  Gnome based distros all connect without issue as does the test version of Mageia and the KDE versions of PCLinuxOS and Mandriva 2010, so it looks like back to Mandriva for a while.
5  Assistance / Hardware / Re: No Network Recognition on: May 10, 2011, 12:14:19 PM
Thanks for responding but there is nothing there.  Everything is greyed out and therefore cannot be selected.  It was all there after I completed the install and it accepted my details, then on saving everything disappeared.
6  Assistance / Hardware / No Network Recognition on: May 09, 2011, 15:55:22 PM
I had Pardus 2011 x 64 successfully installed on this machine and connected with no problems. For various reasons I then wiped the drive, installed first Windows 7 x 32 and then Pardus 2011 x 64 as a dual boot.  Both processes were without fault.  Windows connects fine but Pardus does not.  On first run I entered my DSL details as required but on saving, the tray icon turned to a red cross and all options apart from VPN are now greyed out in the Network Manager.  Also tried a live Mint disc and this connects fine too.

Any ideas please?
7  Assistance / Hardware / Re: Mobile USB Broadband Modem on: February 23, 2011, 14:35:26 PM
Further to my post above I now notice that the first pop-up window for device notifier does correctly identify the modem by name, but then appears a whole bunch of other windows showing "unknown" - if this helps to identify the issue?
8  Assistance / Hardware / Mobile USB Broadband Modem on: February 23, 2011, 13:57:51 PM
One of the reasons why I was so keen to try Pardus 2011 was the Gnome Network Manager port.
Previously, the only other distros which would recognize my Sony Ericsson MD300 USB modem were Ubuntu 10.10, Mint 10 and Zorin 4. Sure enough, I was able to see, configure and use my modem with Pardus Smiley

I only use this connection as a backup and have not required it since the install point above which was two weeks ago.  Today I did need it but when I plug the modem in nothing is displayed and the Mobile Broadband tab in Network Management Settings is greyed out.

The modem is working fine in my other PC, hence the ability to make this post.

Any ideas? 
9  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: Thunderbird Mail Notification on: February 22, 2011, 17:41:33 PM
Thanks very much.  Funnily enough I'd read a lot of negatives about this and already dismissed it. Just goes to show you can't believe everything you read! Installed and (so far) working perfectly with the current Thunderbird version in Pardus 2011.

Much appreciated
10  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: Thunderbird Mail Notification on: February 22, 2011, 15:00:12 PM
Thank you for responding but I'm not sure I understand.

I have Thunderbird installed fine and all my accounts configured.  What I need to see is a permanent figure somewhere to inform me that new mails have arrived, as happens with the KMail panel icon.  Currently, if I miss the Thunderbird popup notification then I don't know that new mail has arrived until I open the main window
11  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Thunderbird Mail Notification on: February 22, 2011, 14:21:23 PM
Please can someone advise how I can set up a new mail notification for Thunderbird (either tray or desktop) similar to what I had with my previous system (Mint 10 Gnome). This needs to check 3 pop accounts.

I have KMail working well enough but I much prefer Thunderbird.

Many thanks.
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