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April 18, 2014, 15:35:37 PM
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1  General / General topics / Re: Salute to Pardus for its Kurumsal 2 on: May 02, 2011, 16:35:10 PM
Hail to Kurumsal 2 and its  genius developers ,especially from my 2003 Gateway E-4000. Corporate 2 and KDE 3.5.10 are a hardware and software match made in heaven. I cut my teeth on the old KDE when I was first learning Linux distros 4 years ago and always liked it better than Gnome. I used The Freespire which I thought was pretty awesome and now dead and the Kanotix Thorhammer which was marvelous and the Pardus 2007 which worked better for me than the 2008 which I had problems with. KDE 4 in mint and Mepis 8.5 and OpenSuse 11.3 worked okay for me but I could feel my computer straining to run applications with all those integrated fancy graphical processes weighing it down. Kurumsal 2 is snappy happy and shiny and with awesome Pulse-Audio sound. I will rest easy and enjoy much happy computing with no worries now and for quite some time to come and Kudos to you friendly folks here in the forums. Roll Eyes Kiss
2  General / General topics / Re: Ubuntu 11.04 on: May 02, 2011, 16:14:41 PM
Greetings and Pardus- Home-Feeling warmth from here in Canada. I  took about 4 yrs. of distro-hopping and extensively getting and configuring about 70+ distros and various versions of them before settling on Pardus Corporate 2 when it first appeared on Distrowatch in February of this year. I liked it immediately. Curiosity lingered though and I tried out several distros again including Xubuntu 11.04 which worked great except I was stuck with only one screen resolution which was too high and caused flash-streaming to stutter and sputter because of my 8-year-old Gateway's video-chip (no fancy video-card). So I re-installed Pardus and all works well. Pardus also has the most excellent pulse-audio sound of anything I have tried. Video and video streaming are crystal clear and light on Processor and memory. I will remain home with Pardus and enjoy happy computing for quite sometime. Pardus is the best for my computer of the whole Linux tribe! Happiness to all you fellow Parduseros and Parduseras. Smiley Kiss
3  General / Introduce yourself / Re: New user from Holland on: May 02, 2011, 00:02:34 AM
Welcome indeed from here in Canada. I installed Pardus Corporate 2 back in February when it first appeared on Distrowatch. I liked it very much...seeing as I have an 8 yer old computer with no graphics card-the KDE 3.5.10 fit very well for this computer. My curiosity got the better of me and I tried out a few other distros until this past week when I re-installed Pardus because the other ones brought disappointment and grief to my machine. Especially the Open Suse 11.3 which I put a lot of effort into configuring an setting up. Then I tried to upgrade to 11.4 but it conflicted with my video chip and I could see nothing. It just booted up into a black screen at the final stage of login....with sound but no picture. And xubuntu 11.04 worked fine except I only had only one choice of screen resolution which was too high and resulted in stuttery playing of flash streaming because it was too much for my video chip to handle. I am back with Corporate 2 and have no issues and outstanding Pulse-Audio sound. Good luck and Happy Pardus Exploring!
4  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Craig on why they don't use same base. on: February 21, 2011, 03:09:13 AM
I think they write the packages differently to fit in properly with KDE 3 otherwise it might be buggy like the Kubuntu Trinity Desktop which has kde 3 as well...but is not as stable as Pardus. From what I have been reading the Kurumsal2 will be supported for years in its same form with the packages updated to continue working something along the lines of how Microsoft has kept XP running for all these years but different than say how you would have a hard time getting packages for say Pardus 2007 or updates for it. 2011 will eventually after a period of time need to be upgraded to the next version whereas Kurumsal will be updated without the need for upgrading to the next version for a considerable amount of time. I like KDE 4 too if I had a newer computer but KDE 3 is a better match for those like myself who have and like older computers that don't need all the fancy graphics or don't have a graphics card. I personally like KDE 3 better as I can understand it better having originally learned on it. More power to you Pardus Brother and happy computing.   
5  General / Introduce yourself / Pardus Corporate 2 With KDE 3.5.10 on: February 20, 2011, 22:07:34 PM
I installed Pardus Kurumsal (Corporate) 2 on Friday since it came up on Distrowatch and I love it and all works well with the KDE 3.5.10 on this 2003 Gateway E-4000 with P4 2.4 gig computer. Have any of you tried this edition of Pardus? It works excellent on older computers that don't have graphics cards and it is very snappy. Have much fun and enjoy your Pardus computing! Roll Eyes  
6  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Hello community on: February 20, 2011, 21:54:17 PM
Hi there in Minnesota from linuxarrow here in Southern Ontario Canada. I have always been a KDE fan aaalthough I have used many other desktops as well. KDE is still my fave. I am using now the KDE 3.5 desktop in Pardus Corporate 2. I first started using KDE almost 4 years ago when I first learned to use linux after my XP was wiped out by a virus. I aam happy for you and may you have much enjoyment with Pardus. Cheers!
7  General / Introduce yourself / Re: New to Pardus on: February 20, 2011, 21:41:53 PM
 I also used to use PCLOS until the last batch at the end of 2010. The graphics chip in my 2003 Gateway E-4000 can't handle the newer Pclos and kept cutting out to a black screen:- I think it was the BFS scheduler they put into the Linux kernel. Then I tried Linux mint 10 KDE which worked very good with the KDE 4.6. Now I use since 2 days ago Pardus Corporate 2 since I saw it on Distrowatch because it has KDE 3.5.10 which works even better on this computer. I used Pardus before (Pardus 2007) I love the KDE 3.5 because I can get my hands into it much deeper and it works much snappier with its less graphics intensive interface. I love Pardus because everything works so well and stable. Turkish genious involved in this system. Also the corporate edition promises to be supported for many years meaning I can keep using this fine system without any drastic changes to an already excellent system. Big howdies to all of you awesome Pardus users from here in Kitchener Ontario Canada 100km or 60 miles from Toronto. Pardus Oh Yeah! Wink
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