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April 19, 2014, 09:15:14 AM
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16  General / Wish list / [added] vnstat on: August 26, 2011, 08:08:38 AM
Name of program:- vnstat

Homepage:- http://humdi.net/vnstat/

Description:-vnStat is a console-based network traffic monitor for Linux and BSD that keeps a log of network traffic for the selected interface(s). It uses the network interface statistics provided by the kernel as information source. This means that vnStat won't actually be sniffing any traffic and also ensures light use of system resources. However, in Linux at least a 2.2 series kernel is required.
This program is open source / GPL'ed and can be installed either as root or as a single user. Better instructions are included in the README.

Necessity:- Very useful for those on strict data transfer limit.
Knemo looses data of that session if KDE hangs and works in user space ( database at ~),but    /var/lib/vnstat/  is vnstat's
default database directory. Files are named according to the monitored interfaces and  db is written to hard disk every after fixed interval of time.

(Actually this is the first application I install after a fresh install of an OS.)


17  General / General topics / Re: Pardus-a paradise for Wacom users. on: August 25, 2011, 18:28:58 PM
3)Every year a new  desktop version is released and each version is supported for 2 years or slightly more than 2 years.
Where ist his ^^^ info coming from Huh?

Simple......that's what, I think, people want! Grin
Any how, corrected to factual , scratched words regarding 'supported period' and added
For released  versions, supported languages and reviews, pl.visit

18  General / General topics / Re: Pardus-a paradise for Wacom users. on: August 25, 2011, 14:37:47 PM
3)Every year a new  desktop version is released and each version is supported for 2 years or slightly more than 2 years.
Where ist his ^^^ info coming from Huh?
Yes this is incorrect,that's why I posted the matter here Wink. I searched but could not find easily the release cycle and period for which a version is supported.
 Can anybody enlighten me/us?
I don't think this is valid for "A corporate version with kde 3.5 is also available.".
Added line in my post to make it clear.
Thanks to all for the suggestions, this way the authentic info will reach the people.

19  General / General topics / Re: Pardus-a paradise for Wacom users. on: August 25, 2011, 14:05:47 PM
Thanks for that nice report!

A little correction: since 11th of july wine is also available in 64bit repo.  Wink

Thanks for your helping hand.
Scratched the sentence.

20  General / General topics / Pardus-a paradise for Wacom users. on: August 24, 2011, 19:57:42 PM
Hi all,
I was to post regarding Pardus 2011.1 at various places possible. But being new to Pardus, I don't want to do any injustice due lack of my knowledge... Hence at last decided to post a link to this post at different places . I request the seniors to check the correctness of the information below and insist corrections and necessary additions. This way I need not correct the information posted by me at different places and the visitors too will have advantages of experts and  authentic  persons' remarks.

Thanking you all.
With regards.

Short introduction to Pardus 2011.1

   I am very impressed by Pardus 2011.1 in which  my pen tablet 'Wacom Bamboo CTH-460' worked out of the box. The screen-shots are available in my Picasa public web album at

 Below is a short introduction of Pardus 2011.1 and my first impression about it.

1)Pardus 2011.1 is a free Linux operating system  funded and developed by the Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey.

2)It is available in 32 & 64 bits  'Live' and 'Install DVD' form at   http://www.pardus.org.tr/eng/download/

 The 'Live DVD' does not have install option,it is just to have a feel before installation. To install,you need to download the 'Install DVD' iso again.
(A corporate version with kde 3.5 is also available,but this information does not apply to it,it is regarding the usual desktop version. In desktop version,other DEs like gnome,xfce etc.are  available.)

3)Almost every year a new  desktop version is released and each version is supported for 2 years or slightly more than 2 years. It is upgradeable,no fresh install necessary. Presently they are working to give an upgrade option for pardus 2009.2 users to upgrade to 2011.1. For released  versions, supported languages and reviews, pl.visit

4)The KDE  is not updated every month,but only after  every @ 6 months. So no need to worry about the latest and greatest bugs and workarounds! One can have a reasonably latest but  consistent desktop experience to concentrate on learning and working.

5)It is said that Pardus has very sparse repository,but if you get what you need ,it should not be a problem. (also see Sr No 6 below).
     As in Aug  2011, the  available repositories are mentioned at  ( exclude the last portion 'pisi-index.xml.xz' from the url to get the package list)

6)A very important point is that the requested packages are added by the team very quickly.
   My experience is that the requested 'darktable' was added on the next day itself! Besides that 'rawtherapee' was added only a day after that without asking for! Secondly when I downloaded 'gmic_gimp' plugin from sourceforge.net  and faced difficulty in making it to run, it was added on the same day to the community repository named 'pardususer' and I successfully could use that.
For details refer
Exceptions can always be there, e.g.
'shutter ' is not added  because they have 'kaption' in the repository, which has less features but very easy to use and gives highly finished results. 'wine' is not ready for 64 bit versions yet.

7)Availability of delta updates reducing download size.

So what are you waiting for? If it fulfills your requirement, simply grab it and enjoy!!!
21  General / Wish list / Re: darktable for 2011.1 on: August 19, 2011, 18:38:23 PM
to a.palius
Darktable is now available from 2. Additional (non-official) package source: pardususer.de

Really hats off!
I was not expecting it so early,at least never on the next day itself....
A great surprise indeed!
This was the application stopping me to switch over to Pardus from Linux Mint9.
There are only a few now,but not show stoppers. I may or may not request them if find alternatives.

For those interested in darktable-
1) darktable PDF guide (16 MB) dated 20110817 is available at
    OR visit
2) Video tutorials (@ 1GB) for darktable -0.7 are at
Enjoy and let me too enjoy now!!!!
Very many thanks to the packagers.


22  Assistance / Software / Re: 'gmic-gimp' plug-in not working. on: August 19, 2011, 14:55:01 PM
Installed successfully! Smiley
First confirmed that earlier copied 'gmic_gimp' is deleted from both the places and then installed.
It installed a dependency 'baselayout'
Now working nicely.
Thanks to all the concerned,the Pardus team.
Marked [solved]
23  Assistance / Software / Re: 'gmic-gimp' plug-in not working. on: August 18, 2011, 19:52:44 PM
I've prepared build files for gimp-gmic-plugin package and it should appears in pardususer.de repo soon.

Thanks a lot!
24  General / Wish list / [added] darktable for 2011.1 on: August 18, 2011, 19:46:28 PM
Name:- darktable
Home Page:- http://darktable.sourceforge.net/
Source (download):-http://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/0.9/darktable-0.9.1.tar.gz/download

This is the top most open source 'Raw Photo Developer' available for Linux.
Works in  32 bit floating, nondestructive mode.

25  Assistance / Software / Re: 'gmic-gimp' plug-in not working. on: August 18, 2011, 18:58:32 PM
I am using Pardus 2011.1,32 bit ,updated.
Nice to see your success,but no luck here till now. Sad
Not even in xbuntu virtual box machine run through pardus.
Don't know what is wrong this time Huh?......getting exhausted....
shall leave it as it is for some days and see later in a fresh mood.
Thanks for your replies.
26  Assistance / Software / [solved] 'gmic-gimp' plug-in not working. on: August 17, 2011, 20:00:55 PM
Downloaded 'gmic_gimp_linux32.zip' dated 2011-08-06( version 1.5.0) from  http://sourceforge.net/projects/gmic/files/
and as per 'readme' extracted to
'$HOME/.gimp-2.x/plug-ins/' (for local installation),
or 'usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/' (for global installation).

But in both cases it is not working.
The file permissions are same as that of other plugins at 'usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/'
At last ,doubting the healthiness of the downloaded file,copied the properly working plugin from my mint9 partition to '$HOME/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins/' directory,but in vain.
Actually it should appear at the bottom of the 'filters' list and enabled if some image is open in gimp.
I never had such a problem earlier.
Has anybody faced this situation? Is there any solution?

27  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Thanks from a Wacom user on: August 17, 2011, 18:34:00 PM
@ atolboo

Thanks for linking it at the right place.
Your link regarding 'translate.google.com' too was very helpful for me to go through the matter.

28  General / Introduce yourself / Thanks from a Wacom user on: August 17, 2011, 13:32:27 PM
I am Jagdeesh Deshpande from India (Asia).
This is the first distro in which my Wacom Bamboo  CTH 460 is working out of the box!I can adjust not only pressure range but pressure curve too!
No where earlier I found entry for graphic tablet in the  input divices' section.
Else where I have tried to make it run and know well what a pain it is. Only in Mint9 (based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) I was able to utilize the pen (not touch pad though) to an usable extent.
Before few months I was thinking that it would take another 3 to5 years for Linux to have the full compatibility and configuration as those OSs for which the drivers are provided by the manufacturing company.....But it is already present in Pardus! What a great surprise!
Just imagine the relief and joy  of an average Joe,who is interested in graphics and not in the intricacy of Linux as such and who has for months unsuccessfully tried to follow the complicated command line instructions to compile it from source code from Wacom Project!
I highly appreciate the work of developers and packagers. It clearly shows the attention paid to deliver a high quality product.
The only thing is—if I enable gestures,I loose the 'click' functionality of the touch pad and pen,so disabled gestures presently. Later shall change the 'tap time' and check. After all that is not a big problem ...I can use the pen successfully that is a great thing for me....especially with the above mentioned background and my expertise in Linux!
Once again thanking the Pardus team for such a well finished OS.
With regards.
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