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76  Assistance / Software / Re: Virtualizing software? on: August 05, 2012, 20:39:19 PM
Sorry to hear that as it mentioned "hardware emultation" , although I couldn't see that doing any better than half speed at best.....
77  Assistance / Software / Re: Virtualizing software? on: August 04, 2012, 23:45:24 PM
I don't know about this , but have you looked at it Lisa ? : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QEMU
78  General / The Pub / Re: What are you listening to? on: July 15, 2012, 16:03:52 PM
Lately , I've been listening to Yasmin Levy
a very middle eastern sound ( of many )
Plenty of examples on youtube
79  General / The Pub / COMICS on: July 11, 2012, 01:07:14 AM
I know you guys all read them, (not that you would admit to it), so here is the link to

Userfriendly : http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/Userfriendly

Any others that come to mind? ( any language )
80  International Pardus Users / Turkish / Re: Hi! on: July 09, 2012, 22:15:46 PM
Merhaba dostlar...

81  General / The Pub / Re: A very strange affair indeed............. on: July 08, 2012, 05:00:57 AM
With respect,

When dealing with unknown people of unknown temperment with motives not yet proven valid, a "cyber nick name" is the first step towards elementary security.

For example , until I activated my account with facebook , spamming , phishing ,and targeted emails from nigerian telemarketers where never a problem.but now it is a constant thing.
It's just as well I used a "throw away " email account ,rather than one that I entrust to close ,personal,contacts or business.

When the proper time comes , I will use MY name, but not before.
82  Pardus Worldforum Meeting / Meeting report / Re: RESULTS , MEETING JUNE 27 , 2012 on: July 06, 2012, 12:58:21 PM
@Dirse I think the long silences is more an IRC problem (lagg in network, connection errors). An other option can be using Google Hangout for the meetings.

@Anglo Can you place this reports as new subject? So every report is a new subject. (I cannot find a way to move a part of a subject to some other place).

I shall
83  Pardus Worldforum Meeting / Meeting report / RESULTS , MEETING JULY 4 , 2012 on: July 06, 2012, 03:11:56 AM
This meeting was of special nature,Nihad Karsli was invited to speak , making this …...........summary ,something of a special work.

Present: jasperdous, anglo ,dirse , enki,dschzz, a_palius , erdinc, atolboo,, kuftikufti, ,airtight baDibere,zhenshen,yusuf,tribunal,richdb ( eventually ) , namso _01?, willy

expected :  Nscdet  Yucel ( unable to come )

bystanders :  guest6644 , spectator

Nihad  Karsli ( enki ), head of Pardus Users Assoc. ( PDK)) being invited  ,had news , and things to say as a guest
( by Enki translated by various Turkish speakers ) The election held , with Pantera as the victor , was found to be flawed , ( by Tubikak ) and as a result was to be reheld.  The ( translated phrase “because election style of Erdinc (pantera) was not admired by TUBITAK,” election had to be renewed.
. Currently Pantera is the only candidate at this point.
He (Enki )  reports that although there are things he can not go into , he will explain roadmap, and that the LDK, EMO, and the ANKARA Bar ( legal  association ) will be acting as sponsors for the turkish based Anka group.

That “ Pardus anka will contain 32 and 64 bit and also will contain live and install versions”
The resulting distro will be live and installable.

Item 2: Special presentation by pantera, about Anka, future, etc.
Answered in the followiing:

Item 3: Special presentation by kuftikufti, about Anka, future, etc
reported  by kuftikufti: both 32 bit and 64 bit versions are being built at the time of the meeting ,
 hopefully finished by the end of weekend , the checking for versions ( of software ) and mistakes.. He needs to make a “system.base” , so alone the way he needs to make patches , and updates as well, which after such a long time since “EOL” will take further time.
With this done , he will make repo isos , one will be on the style of pardus 2012.

Item 4: Discussion on above two (2) separate, individual presentations by pantera & kuftikufti.
They emphisised the need to prepare the system base for the new needs of the new iso.If this was not done , then we will have only 2012 .
There was a question about naming of the repo result , because of copyright issues with icons , wallpapers ,Logos ,etc ,
The repy of Enki ( thru baDibere ):
“leader of Pardus project at TUBITAK has given an interview to some magazines. we can understand that there will be no problem about using Pardus name from the interview , on the other hand there are some words from the leader about this subject and again on the other hand, enki has applied in written to the Pardus leadership about this subject but there is no answer yet.”

Item 5: Debate on Debian, PiSi, etc.
Erdinc ( thru badibere ):    PiSi's sponsor is EMO (Electrical Engineer'sDoruk Fisek
 Society) about noarch, arm support and developing while adding new features. And its developers will be from Ozgur Yazilim, Inc. (the founder of the company , Doruk Fisek is a former pardus developer) the product will be developed by the developers  not the company. Enki is co ordinating things , and please be patiant , things are moving.

Most agree that a independent “pardus “ is preferable .
Several agree a mialing list is necessary, as well as contnuing the  irc meetings.
Pardus.de is continuing until end of year.Further if  there is a continuation of
of pardus ( anka ) development.Erdinc says the repository can be relocated if necessary , to another server.

As before , if want a copy of the logs I can send the required snippet
( if given an address)

84  Pardus Worldforum Meeting / Meeting report / Re: RESULTS , MEETING JUNE 27 , 2012 on: July 06, 2012, 03:01:27 AM
Pack of Old Wolves. I see Mevlana (Rumi) in jasperodus's broad lines all the time. Not to mention his above technical suggestions on cyber-meeting conduct.

Tech-guys are young and somewhat disoriented, excited. We need Old Wolves to create order out of this chaos.

I insist we should have our ideas (presentations to the meeting) posted prior to the meeting. For that we need someone (richdb or Anglo or jasperodus) create a forum sub-heading. There we can pre-post our presentations.

I am thinking about my presentation. I beg you all to urgently refer me to a Pardus-user lawyer in Europe, or elsewhere on this planet (except Turkey).

Not a bad Idea, I think, is it possible to have a uh, bulletin board sort of thing on world forum,were EVERYone registered can post a suggestion or question as they think of them? A well , I will try to be at the irc 1/2 hour early , so if you want to pop in , as your question , it will be in my logs  ( I, or my avatar, WILL have to be there for this to happen)
85  General / The Pub / Re: What are you listening to? on: July 04, 2012, 16:05:38 PM

shoutcast radio , currently " POWERTURK "
86  General / General topics / Re: Remind me, why do I use Pardus? on: July 03, 2012, 16:33:09 PM
And I put a  Huh? with some of the quotes I read.
In my opinion this is valid for both this and the pardususerde forum. Wink
I feel uncomfortable with this us <> them attitude.

And we CAN agree to DIS-agree, like civilized people....
87  General / General topics / Re: Remind me, why do I use Pardus? on: July 03, 2012, 14:56:13 PM
PITA= Pain
Well, reference.com suggests words like pizza, pide, pitta, pasta, etc. in various languages.
I was afraid to have mistaken it as "puta" in Spanish  Shocked
Thanks for the clarification anyway  Cheesy

88  General / General topics / Re: Remind me, why do I use Pardus? on: July 03, 2012, 02:36:38 AM
I speak neither Dutch nor German. I mainly relied on below messages (there were even others at this Worldforum which I couldn't easily spot right now):

From richdb?: "What about the guys over at pardususer.de? They are much larger. They also seem pretty skilled and dedicated. Could they take on that role perhaps?" (see below link, quote within quote).

From richdb: "Yes, and now we have as community the chance to influence, what a couple of users of pardususer.de allways wanted, and now they are so negative. I not get  that, they not even give it a try." (see below link)

Also from dschzz: "I got the impression from the German forum that they are not in the mood to help in any way." (see below link)

There are other similar messages.

So call it German versus Dutch, or German versus richdb, whatever... If we lose richdb at this stage our motion will be set-back terribly. Then, probably I will also go on holiday.

We don't even have an AGENDA for our meeting on 4 July Wed CET 22.00 via Freenode #pardus-world:

Where is/are the Old Wolf/Wolves? We NEED an agenda A.S.A.P.

@Anglo: What is "a pita in general"?

PITA= Pain

89  General / General topics / Re: Remind me, why do I use Pardus? on: July 02, 2012, 19:23:27 PM

With all respect,

Donation issue came up recently at Ozgurlukicin.Org also:

A re-occurring question this is, ex : http://worldforum.pardus-linux.nl/index.php?topic=2534.0 , and this : http://worldforum.pardus-linux.nl/index.php?topic=3495.msg17839#msg17839

"And, pantera replied, in sum: "We don't need money, just keep up the good spirit, like you have all been doing."

For donations, we need an association (legal technicalities)."

Agreed , eventually , lets do it right and  proper.
"Free as in beer" or "free as in freedom " , either is expensive to maintain , and it seems , easy to loose

"Although I am angry with the only two related associations that I know on this planet, PKD (Turkish Pardus Users' Association) and LKD (Turkish Linux Users' Association) for their passivity during this whole ordeal, pantera says (see above link) these two Turkish associations have actually been helping Anka seriously, logistically (hardware, servers, etc.)."

I am of divided minds on this , favors implies favors and obligations, this can "muddy the waters" in regards to "intellectual properties"
( this is a legal concept afaik ) and control.

"This is why I like my people. They don't care about money. The only problem is that they cannot get organized that quickly, too much confusion & chaos, unnecessary doubts in their minds. Too patient  "

Sounds as if the confusion was deliberately caused  , no ?
and no patience is as bad as too patient

"Not to mention the Worldwide community, to be thousands (!?) some claim, who neither can get their act together and form an international association (Germans fighting the Dutch, etc.)."

I am a registered ( if mostly silent ) member on most forums , and I assure you , "thousands " is an exaggeration , hundreds perhaps, and fewer who are vocal.

and in all those forums , the only screaming/fighting/shouting I have seen is on facebook.
90  Pardus Worldforum Meeting / Meeting report / RESULTS , MEETING JUNE 27 , 2012 on: June 28, 2012, 07:12:31 AM
Wednesday June 27 2012

Meeting held at #pardus-world on freenode 22:00 CEST.

Present : ( with no regard for the order) -richdb (Richard DeBruin), anglophony ,  jasperodus, Dirse, kufti-kufti, Erick-Pardus  ,  Yusuf , zhenshen , dschzz, erdinc , a._palius , airtight.

Spectator : S_W

 The meeting started on time , despite the minor nuisance of football ( that's soccer to you North Americans ), with richdb presenting news of some importance as he had seen it.
Thereafter , time was spent sorting facts as proved ,from rumours and poorly represtented info from Turkish governmental sources.

At this point the discussions are informal.

-Richdb reports that Tubikak is planning to use debian packaging system with Pardus Corporate
-discussions on the advantages/disadvantages of using debian , and clearing some misconceptions.
-suggestions of producing a “live cd “ to ease installations, and provide a base for further software installs.

-Kufti-kufti and eridinc say that the fatih project will definitely be based on debian
but that  if Corporate will be is still unknown, since they are still having some dealings with TUBIKAK , that they will be able to report accurately after the weekend meetings held by Tubikak.

-erdinc showed a video of the result of his work on LXDE : http://content.wuala.com/contents/erdinc/videos/P-2012-ANKA-LXDE.ogv

-Afterwards there was expressed need for developers ,
-For a need to maintain quality of the resulting ANKA distro.
-For a need of a formal (legal ) association
--there was a proposal put forth by Zenshen:
1:let's wait for facts, or decide what to take for the base.
2. After that, we can try to create an association.
3. Can / will try to hire developers.

-richdb closed the meeting wanting these points made:
That there are two option (if Debian is true), a new community Pardus based on the Corporate/Debian or a new community Pardus based on 2011.2 sources
Setup an association? If this is needed
That further talk needs to wait on the results of two meetings on the coming weekend.

Suggestions: Having been called  Old Wolf ™   elsewhere, I take the opportunity to make these suggestions:
before and /or after the time for the meeting, talk our heads off , talk about the Fußball, the weather , the nice distro that you fell in love with,


During the time of meeting we should follow some rules of conduct suitable for a office
 Each person , who are part of the effort to rebuild the community should be given a chance to present their offerings ,  suggestions ,   information , and expertise ,............ in. Their.  Turn,

Then we discuss that particular matter until a conclusion is reached,
Afterwards , the floor would be granted to the next person of the team for THEIR chance to present.
To be followed by discussion.

 I know this seems too formal , but is IS more efficient than everyone talking at once , not listening.

And by “rules of conduct suitable for a office “ I do NOT mean things like “and shut..... k....”
That should earn silencing or banning in my not so humble opinion.


p.s. I have the complete log of the meeting if anyone wishes to view it.

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