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April 19, 2014, 13:59:54 PM
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1  Assistance / News & Announcements / Re: Domain name Pardusworld.com is available for you on: June 07, 2012, 20:26:45 PM

Can you tell a little more why this international forum did not work?
I also have read something on pardususer.de about this.

What is the history that this international never is build up?

Sorry for the late reply.

Well the answer is clear and simple: The project administration doesn't have that vision. We have asked many times for an international portal. But they did not cared it much...

Do you remember the old Pardus official site? It was a disaster for a GNU/Linux distro which has professional  employees. We argued about 3 years to upgrade this site. However only thing we had more argues, no work at all... That was nonsense...

Finally as contributors, we take over the main Turkish community site ozgurlukicin.com(actually there was nobody left to administrate the site, the new 2 community managers from the project promised to run the site but at the end f the second month they left to the site to its own destiny). After handling the Turkish site, we havee started to talk about this, got the domain name... But then things go worse...

Summarily, this should be the first step of Pardus project, however it never had such priority.

Maybe community could became together, but this site Worldforum has an access restriction from the Turkey's network provider TTNET due to some ip conflicts with some other banned sites...

I hope things go well and we can come together in an intenational forum. But the future is really uncertain at the moment.

Everything is up to the community of Pardus.
2  Assistance / News & Announcements / Domain name Pardusworld.com is available for you on: June 05, 2012, 08:35:27 AM

I have the domain name pardusworld.com . Our goal was top develop an international common crossroad, which will guide people to existing local communities + an english forum + a social network for contributors: imece.pardusworld.com

Sadly, lots of things happened as you know... I have to do my best, but there were nothing left for me to do. As i've already got involved lots of things related with pardus(the wiki's, community managment, campaings...) however i have no time for this hard struggles, which i have been fighting for 4 years.

I would like to ask you, if ou consider pardusworld.com address for an international organization, the domain name is available for you.

I will try to announce in e-mail lists and other contacts when i find some time to do.

3  Assistance / News & Announcements / imece Project for Contributors on: February 02, 2012, 23:57:49 PM

I am a member of Turkish Pardus community. Six months ago we had started a community project, which aims to create a social platform for Pardus contributors.

We had worked with Koray Löker(a former Pardus staff). Koray was one of the two Community Coordinators. Before his resign, the project was stopped.(ex site imece.pardus.org.tr)

Two weeks ago, i asked to the community list to continue imece project, and i moved it to pardusworld.com, under the subdomain imece.pardusworld.com

Now, imece is nearly ready... I wish that we have imece 2 years ago... Maybe you might think its a bit late for such project. Anyway, it is good to finish a job.


İmece, is a social portal; it is based on the social community engine Elgg. It has many components, like a bi twitter, some facebook, some google groups, some forum stuff, some delicio.us, some blogs etc. Which combines all the stuff to bring a community portal. Also it may be extended with various plugins.

I have added some groups to imece, to show how can it be usefull for specific contribution areas.

You already know the project's situation. Anyway, if you want to join to imece and increase the communication with other conributions, yo are free to register.

There is a movement to for Pardus. The Facebook group for building PiSi packages, your and Russian community's tries etc. Which are all concantrate to fork Pardus. Imece does not have a special aim to fork Pardus, but have more than that. It aims to be a contributors social portal.

Imece is not an alternative for forking platform. There are social coding platforms as github etc. But it may be usefull for interaction and organization for any kind of special aim or groups.

But it will be good to know each other and enjoy some work together.

If you are interested, you may register: imece.pardusworld.com


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