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16  General / Wish list / Re: Russian language in openoffice (spellchecking)[SOLVED] on: April 04, 2009, 21:09:43 PM
Llama are you going to translate Pardus into Russish?
17  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Hi from China! ^_^ on: March 13, 2009, 16:49:33 PM
Hi Keica,
please try Pardus, and make your friends use it! Welcome and have a pleasant stay!
18  Assistance / Download/Repos / Re: Own build pisi-packages on: March 11, 2009, 08:09:25 AM
I put it with my bookmarks! Great to have you back Bubbel
19  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Hello from The U.S. on: March 11, 2009, 08:06:57 AM
Hi Glitch
good to have you around! I hope you will use Pardus even longer, as we need long staying community members for sure!
20  Assistance / News & Announcements / News from the developers meeting on: March 08, 2009, 22:31:46 PM

You'll find the notes of developer meeting at 28-02-2009 Ankara/Turkey. Thanks
to Necmettin Begiter for translation.

Here are the outcomes of the Pardus developers' meeting held within BİLMÖK
(Bilgisayar Mühendisliği Öğrencileri Kongresi -), on February 28th, 2009:

Agenda Item 1: Pardus Developers' Bulletin
A developer bulletin will be prepared, based on the skeleton of KDE Commit
Digest. Details are as follows:
# The bulletin will be monthly.
# Code mentioned in the bulletin will not be detailed.
# If necessary, screenshots will be included.
# As following the commit lists require a lot of work, the bulletin will be
gathered by 3 or 4 Özgürlükİçin community members, lead by a Pardus
developer, Gökçen Eraslan, as an editor.

Agenda Item 2: HCI Works
Işıl Poyraz has reported the following regarding the HCI (Human-Computer
Interaction) studies held by Yıldız Teknik University:
# Pardus has a pretty wide user base. In order to provide Pardus users' with
applications better in terms of HCI, Pardus applications' interfaces' HCI
will be help by YTU Department of Interactive Media Design. Initial studies
has started on TASMA and the Milky iconset. Bi-weekly reports on usability
tests held with users of different profiles are prepared. After an analysis
held by an expert regarding these tests, a report of wider coverage will be
# Milky iconset is assessed to be a very "original" and innovative. Milky
designer Banu and YTÜ has had a meeting and the outcome of the tests are put
into the mentioned iconset.
# A design guide for Pardus technologies will be published, but it will
probably be after the release of Pardus 2009. Among the objectives is the
possibility of this process to effect the KDE project.

Agenda Item 3: For the Contributors
Talks on what development-related technologies the contributors can be
provided with have ended as listed:
# A developer-announce mailing list will be created and important news,
events, changes and subjects, together with the developer bulletin, will be
published here.
# An FTP space containing the source code archives repository, as employed for
the Devel and 2008 repositories, will be created also for the Contrib
# Contributors will be given alias email addresses under
# Two possibilities on providing developers with a virtual machine to help
with package compile processes were talked on. For an assessment of who needs
which alternative and a conclusion, the options will be discussed in the
developer email list. The conclusive options has been:
## A virtual machine where developers can login, or,
## A system that reports errors after a package compilation built on a clean

Agenda Item 4: Version Life Cycle
# Having a document describing how to and/or a script to update to the
upcoming version is decided as a pre-condition for a new release.
# If an upgrade script can be written or not will be announced prior to the
upcoming version. Semen Cirit volunteered to write the script.
# It has been mentioned that for an easier upgrade to newer versions, /home
can be mounted as a seperate partition with LVM support when automatic
install is chosen. Though, as LVM is not yet fully supported, a decision
could not be made on this issue, which means this item will be re-discussed.
# After a question, Ekin Meroğlu stated that there are no certain dates for
sub-versions, but generally "total updates half the size of a CD" is
# On the issue of "kill"ing a version, a general calendar was stated as
follows: Updates regarding errors in applications will be published for a
certain amount of time, and after that is done, only security updates will be
published for 2 months for that version. On the other hand, if somebody
volunteers to continue that version, its support will be handed over to that
# It was also noted that a corporate version based on Pardus 2008 will be made
available before the "death" of Pardus 2008, and that the mentioned version
may contain changes breaking API or ABI.

Agenda Item 5: Migration Tool
# Muray Ongan, Migration Tool's maintainer, has mentioned that he will not be
able to maintain it anymore, and that he will send an email to the developers
list regarding who want to keep up the work.
# Also noted that Migration Tools needed to be bug-fixed and ported to KDE 4.

Agenda Item 6: Project Management
Regarding the management processes, project manager Erkan Tekman noted the
# DPT has approved resource allocation to the Pardus project (which was
financed only through TÜBİTAK UEKAE's own resources until now). With the
financial resources allocated by DPT, reaching a team size of 40
professionals within 3 years is planned.
# For the DPT project, an observer committee will be established and a
voluntary developer will also be part of the committee. Yet, the
question "Who is a developer?" must be answered first.
# A contract between UEKAE and each developer is wished for. With this
contract, how TÜBİTAK sees a developer, and the rights and responsibilities
of developers will be determined. Developers' preparing the contract is
preferred, but if that doesn't happen, project management will have to write
the contract.
# The first item to be included in the contract is the GPL licensing of
developers' commits to the project. Attorney Akın Ömeroğlu stated that it is
obligatory to have a developer contract to protect developers' rights in
terms of Turkish laws.
# Project Manager also noted a wish for an easy-to-use solution that would
help removing every trademarked logo out of the Pardus distribution.

Agenda Item 7: Pardus 2009 and Repositories
# A Pardus tour consisting of 7 or 8 HTML pages and screenshots, prepared by
the Özgürlükİçin community, totaling up to 1.5 MBs will be presented with
Kaptan, offline if the installation disc gets to have enough space, online
# Also by the Özgürlükİçin community, a "Hello Pardus" version of KDE-Look
will be prepared, and "Get Hot New Stuff" icons will be prepared (Kubilay
Kocabalkan will be responsible for this last item).
# Through a parameter passed to YALI, Pardus will have an option to install
system.base component packages only.
# Mudur will have supporting for updating syslog and will support various log
servers, especially Rsyslog.
# Works on a DVD version of Pardus are postponed to after the release of
Pardus 2009.
# A through comparison of media players will be held by developers and will be
discussed in the developers list for Pardus 2009.
# Popular demand was noted on containing and displaying messages in packages.
Yet, caused by the managerial difficulties of displaying messages, the final
decision was to be able to included 2 <Info> tags, one under <Package> and
one under <Update>. Packages with either of these <Info> tags will have an
[Info] button in installation and/or prior to update, and the text included
under these tags can be displayed in a web page.
# A kernel module interface can be included with the System-Manager
# As noted in the developers list beforehand, virtual package support for
Java, SendMail and Kernel was stressed to be crucial.
# Uğut Tutar mentioned that his graduation project was an OCR application for
Turkish language. That the project would not be usable by Pardus 2009's
release and that it might be possible to publish the application with Pardus
2009.1 were predicted.
# Also noted was that Smolt packages were "almost" ready and that the main
Smolt server can be used to store and display data.
# Mete Alpaslan was told to be writing backends for LVM and cripto support,
and he has volunteered writing YALI's support modules on the subject. Onur
Küçük had written mkinitramfs support on the subject.
# A proposal on creating a configuration file for the kernel parameters in the
boot process was also given.
# A release schedule could not be put forth at the developers meeting.
# A Live+Install CD was stated to be not possible because of space problems
but that it will well be possible to do that on a DVD.

Agenda Item 8: Repository Policies
# It came forth that a policy must be decided and put into action concerning
which repository each package must go. The decision was to discuss this
subject on the developers list; and the final decision on the matter will be
made by Ekin Meroğlu, Ozan Çağlayan, and Onur Küçük.
# As some packages may be moved to the Contrib repository in the process of
moving from Pardus 2008 to 2009, user must be informed and if necessary must
be made to add the contrib repository to the list of repositories within the
update script.
# In discussion on repository options, three possibilities were given, yet no
conclusive statement could be made:
## Creating a bigger repository, containin both the Contrib and Stable
## Moving certain packages to the Contrib repository, thus creating a smaller
Stable and a bigger Contrib repository,
## Moving certain packages to the Stable repository, thus creating a bigger
Stable and a smaller Contrib repository,
Doruk Fişek proposed the following on how to place packages:
## Pardus tools, system.devel, kde4.base, and the packages that come
preinstalled with the CD,
## Packages with dependencies and special packages,
## Only packages that effect themselves.

21  General / As seen on the internet / Re: Created a online community on: March 07, 2009, 09:43:46 AM
What is a community without its members Smiley Good to see that there are already 7 members, and some nice pictures Smiley
I will spend some time on layout, logo etc...
22  General / As seen on the internet / Created a online community on: March 05, 2009, 07:15:29 AM
I created a social network for Pardus at http://pardus.ning.com/

Ning should be real cool, but I first have to find out! Help is needed...  Undecided
23  General / General topics / Re: Donations for Pardus Worldforum and Pardus in general on: March 01, 2009, 15:50:02 PM
This only supports the French Pardus community, not the Turkish, nor the Worldforum.
Pardus is a government made distro, and is not allowed to make money. Is I host the worldforum, no money is needed for me al well, I am just glad that people use Pardus.
If you want to spend your money on a Pardus goal, just become member of the World Wildlife Federation, that is what I did, and Pardus is about endangered species.
24  Assistance / Download/Repos / Re: Own build pisi-packages on: February 18, 2009, 18:59:10 PM
Great packages Bubbel! Will there become more?
25  Assistance / News & Announcements / Re: Pardus 2008.2 on: February 17, 2009, 19:01:13 PM
Andreas Jürgens mailed me:

the solution for the following Thread


is this:

The Contribute and user depots from Pardus 2008 can be further used also
under Pardus 2008,1. The packages from the 2008.1' it depots are
compatible with Pardus 2008, in other words within the same series exist
no compatibility problems. Therefore is with the Upgrade of Pardus 2008
on newer versions (e.g. 2008.1 or in the future 2008,2) no change of the
depot of emergencies.
26  Assistance / Software / Arachnophilia on: February 05, 2009, 19:23:37 PM
First HTML editor I worked with ever, was called "Little Web Thing" which was succeeded bij "Arachnophilia". This was on Windows, recently I noticed that the programmers of this excellent piece of software also uses Linux. They put a .jar file on their site which should work flawless. It opens as a zip file, and I really don't know how to install this, or how to make a .pisi of it.

Ok I did not read properly:
Those who downloaded the JAR file version:

    Open a command console (Linux: shell console), move to the Arachnophilia program directory, type "java -jar Arachnophilia.jar"
    For convenience, this command can be made part of a shell script, and those using X windows can easily make a desktop icon.
27  Assistance / News & Announcements / Pardus 2007: end of life on: January 31, 2009, 19:18:28 PM
Pardus 2007 : End of Life

Pardus 2007, which was released on 18 December 2006 and has been updated for
over two years, is freezing it's stable repositories.

Since the release of Pardus 2008, developers' and users' interest and work
force has been shifted greatly towards 2008 and now to 2009 also - so for a
few months, binary repositories of Pardus 2007 gets only critical updates.
With the release of Pardus 2008.2, the second minor update after Pardus 2008,
we've decided it was time to announce and mark Pardus 2007 repositories
security-only :

- For the following two months, our security team will continue to update
critical securtiy fixes and the Pardus 2007 stable repository will get these

- on 27 March 2009, all binary and source repositories of Pardus 2007 will be
locked, and we'll announce End of Life for Pardus 2007.

As the members of Pardus 2007 stable team, we'd like thank all our developers
and users for their valuable effort in making Pardus 2007 a great product.
Without this continuous effort, Pardus 2007 would not be the half of what is
it is today - thanks again..

  • After 27th of March, we'll continue to serve the last state of Padrus 2007
stable repository, but 2007 buildfarm and 2007-test repository will be closed
and pardus-2007 source respository will be frozen by the mentioned date.

28  Assistance / News & Announcements / Pardus 2008.2 on: January 31, 2009, 09:50:20 AM

We're happy to announce Pardus 2008.2 Canis aureus, the second update release
in Pardus 2008 series.

Pardus 2008.2 Canis aureus contains all the bugfixes, enchanments and new
feature additons since the release of Pardus 2008.1.

Pardus 2008.2 features one of the most well known animals of Anatolia : Canis
aureus, an native anatolian jackal whose own habitats are in constant danger.

To download this latest release, simply wisit our web site [1] for mirrors
and downlad information, or point your favourite browser to our ftp server.

As always, existing Pardus 2008 users can update their systems by Package
Manager or PiSi to start using Pardus 2008.2 Canis aureus.   

Happy Hacking;
Ekin Meroglu <ekin_at_pardus.org.tr>
29  General / The Pub / Re: Congratulations for Willem. on: January 28, 2009, 08:06:50 AM
Jeez thank you!!  Grin
30  General / As seen on the internet / Re: New Features in OpenOffice.org 3.1, an Early Look on: January 27, 2009, 19:48:38 PM
Great news, i hope it will be build for pardus soon
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