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1  Assistance / Pardus Project / I need some clarification for 64bit os and internal phyton.. on: March 02, 2007, 15:42:42 PM
Quote from: "cartman"
... 64bit mode. Its on the roadmap. About Python, our init system is written in Python...

It's nice to hear 64bit Pardus is on the road map. I'm eager to try it when it's done.
Just for curiosity, what is preventing Pardus from compiling 64bit, even without optimization? Is it something related to init system? Almost every package compiles 64bit. Is it possible to try 64bit with some flags?
I don't know how pisi works, but I guess it can compile from source like portage on gentoo. I know Pardus does not depend on Gentoo anymore.
Also I wonder if Pardus is a binary or source distro?
2  Assistance / Pardus Project / I need some clarification for 64bit os and internal phyton.. on: March 02, 2007, 01:00:53 AM
Hi, I want to try pardus. But I need some clarification.
    1- Are there any plans for 64 bit pardus? Please don't say 64 bit is not that useful or gives not much performance over 32 bit. I think sooner or later you will have to go for 64 bit. It is about choices not performance or usability.
    2- I'm under impression that pardus uses internally mostly phyton programing that worries me. Do I have to worry? Phyton is slow. Even gentoo which is my main distro tries to get rid of phyton programming. (ex: there are projects trying to replace portage like paludis vs.)

Please don't start phyton vs some other language war. I'm sure phyton is great, too. Even phyton manages to be lighning fast, I don't have plans to learn it. Life is short. I've chosen C++, ruby and prolog for my learning environment. I want to play with os and phyton is useless to me. These are just my considerations. Thanks.
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