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76  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: PiSi - HOW TO book translation on: February 10, 2011, 21:01:01 PM
Thanks again dude! btw You can understand the german language?Huh??

I grew up with die Sendung mit der Maus and Sportschau... kein Problem  Grin
77  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: PiSi - HOW TO book translation on: February 09, 2011, 09:46:51 AM
When I have some spare time left I am willing to translate some of the pages from German into English too.

Let's split up the translation job in multiple small pieces to get things on the move....

Just reply here or send me a personal message to sort out who does which part to prevent working on the same pages at the same time
78  General / Introduce yourself / Re: HI on: February 06, 2011, 10:53:48 AM

No, but after Googling I found:

and in:
you also find the actions.py, translations.xml files and /files folder

79  General / Introduce yourself / Re: HI on: February 06, 2011, 10:23:11 AM
Okay, I shall PiSifY myself with some other software.  Tongue

that's the spirit  Grin

I have only some little experience with pisifying LXDE dekstop environment components PISI packages untill the friendly guy that hosts the repo fristwire is in took over and completed, that's why there are also lots of LXDE pisi packages in the same repo as where the Fristwire PISI package resides...

surprise us I would say  Cheesy Grin
80  General / Introduce yourself / Re: HI on: February 06, 2011, 10:15:02 AM

for Pardus 2009
81  General / Introduce yourself / Re: HI on: February 06, 2011, 10:09:17 AM
I'm a native English speaker but try as I might, I just can't get the specifics of package managing.

Granted, I've never had a command of the command line but I've downloaded PiSiYap and I still don't know what to fill in or why. I really do want to learn though.

I've downloaded the Frostwire source as my first project but it has tons of files in it, some of which are OSX, Windows, and Debian. I'm ashamed to say that I have no idea what to do with it...or at the very least where to even start.  

frostwire used to be present as a PISI package in some of the unofficial repositories (2009 version) already, so for that software specifically you might not have to tsrat pisifying yourself ;-)
82  Assistance / News & Announcements / Re: comak: multiple desktop support on: February 06, 2011, 10:07:23 AM
Another quite weird Google Translated page, but you get the message, the team will work on multipe desktop environment support whilst paying attention to holidays, school exams and so on, and roughly try to flllow the roadmap below....

Çoman project calendar

Multiple Desktop Setup Project Bug on a calendar came to a stage where we can go. Staff student as they are, exam calendars, February vacation, we took into account periods of Academic Computing will be given to work as interim: Calendar will work as much as possible to comply with the following:

    * January 27, 2011: KDE, Pardus 2011 Pardus 2011 is capable of installing an external version of the desktop environment (BETA).
    * February 14, 2011: KDE, a Bug-free and works fine 2011 version of Pardus technologies (BETA).
    * June 19, 2011: gnome, enlightenment, xfce, and fluxbox basedLXDE can be installed and all worked like a Pardus Pardus 2011 version of KDE technologies.

Pardus 2012 version of the project goal of our efforts to give a deadline for inclusion of studies that do not have the possibility, of course.
83  General / Introduce yourself / Re: HI on: February 06, 2011, 09:40:27 AM
If you are looking for a manual for PISI packaging specifically you might consider the PISI cookbook that was once written in the German userforums if I remember that correctly.

See this forum topic"A book about PiSi: "# pisi --howto"

let's pisify something
84  Assistance / Hardware / Re: [solved]How to open port 631 for Linux-to-Linux printing? on: January 12, 2011, 19:55:25 PM
So glad to find this old thread. All of the sudden on my updated Pardus 2008 system CUPS would no longer start and printing was only possible to a file (since CUPS could not be started no printer was shown).

Filling the cupsd.conf file with the code above and service cups restart seems to have solved the weird problem here
85  Assistance / News & Announcements / Re: Package snapshots in package manager (PiSi) on: January 12, 2011, 19:00:01 PM
I guess (but am not sure) these are the rules  when one wants to review software available in the Pardus repositories at that website, and incldue some screenshots along with the review.

I really DO like the many package reviews by the way!
86  Assistance / News & Announcements / Re: Pardus Corporate 2 on: January 12, 2011, 15:11:48 PM
Pardus Corporate RC2 version is ready, first version with LibreOffice, announcement I guess will follow shortly in english, noticed it in the turkish announcement list:


(use Google Translate)
87  General / Wish list / Re: Official English forum on: January 11, 2011, 23:32:49 PM
By exception to clear up I meant Bekir is joining us here in the Pardus Worldforum to bridge some gaps to the turkish one:

"I am a Turkish Pardus user who speaks English as well. I am a member of the Turkish forums http://www.ozgurlukicin.com/forum
I think I might help translating some news from Ozgurlukicin, answer some questions in English which have already been answered in the Turkish forums.

So I would like to become a member of your forums.
Unfortunately, the only way for me to reach your forums is using www.ktunnel.com (due to some idiotic blockings)
I will be happy if I could help people who can not speak my native language (Turkish) as well.

Bekir Senalp"
88  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: Other DEs on: January 11, 2011, 22:24:44 PM
XFCE is the easiest alternative, but since some time Gnome and especially LXDE packages are also offered, unlike XFCE the latter two were never in the default software reposiories (but might be in future releases).

There are some forum threads on these alternative DEs for Pardus, use the search option please.

Pardus 2009 with XFCE

Pardus 2009 with GNOME

[SOLVED] Pardus 2009 with LXDE
89  General / Wish list / Re: Official English forum on: January 11, 2011, 21:37:32 PM
New user Bekir has just been registered and offers to build some bridges here  Smiley
90  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: Gtalk on: January 09, 2011, 12:05:23 PM
I have installed Pidgin om my Pardus 2009.2 system but Pidgin does not start up  Angry it stops opening and disappears from my desktop after a few seconds.

michiel@laptop ~ $ pidgin

ERROR: Caught a segmentation fault while loading plugin file:

Please either:
- remove it and restart.
- run with --gst-disable-segtrap and debug.

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