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31  General / General topics / Re: Userbars - Pardus on: September 05, 2007, 16:49:39 PM
Nice wiki.  I'll have to give it a shot this weekend.  Now to find some good graphics... or take a picture of my Van cat.   Tongue

Haha....Your cat is Turkish as well??
32  General / General topics / Re: Pardus - Based on what distro? on: September 02, 2007, 16:05:54 PM
As far as I know, Pardus isn't based on any distro.
33  General / The Pub / Re: Swedish users are on the move! on: September 01, 2007, 20:17:48 PM
Like I said in the introduction forum, we've got a real Swedish invasion here.... Grin
34  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Here i'm, from Sweden! on: September 01, 2007, 20:15:01 PM
Looks like there's a Swedish invasion on the forum...:-)

Welcome SakJur...
35  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Hello from Poland on: September 01, 2007, 17:39:31 PM
Hi there Piotr,

Welcome to the forum :-)
36  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Hello everyone - From Sweden on: September 01, 2007, 17:38:42 PM
Hi Zinden,

Welcome to the forum.
It's good to know Pardus has spread to Sweden as well...:-)
37  General / General topics / Re: Translation on: August 27, 2007, 15:46:08 PM
Thanks Mailman!

 As most of the people in this forum (myself included) don't speak turkish I'm sure your efforts are very much appreciated  Smiley

No problem roverrat...:-)
38  General / General topics / Re: Translation on: August 27, 2007, 15:45:29 PM
Short translation of the notes from the dev meeting:

Roadmap to 2007.3
- Delta Package support
2007.3 will have Delta Package support. An additional buildfarm will
be prepared especially for this.

- Problems with unvisible applications in the menu
Although an interface exists, some applications are not accessible
from the menu. A solution will be implemented in Tasma where users
can choose between accessibility and clearness of the application menu.

- Overlay depositories of Pisi will NOT be implemented in 2007.3

- Package signatures WILL be applied to 2007.3

- Migration tool
A tool which can transfer personal data and settings from Windows to Pardus.
A test version of this tool will be released and packaged by Murat Ongan within 2-2.5 weeks and will be presented to the developers for discussion.

- Proxy Manager
A systemwide infrastructure of proxy management, which is being developed by Bertan Gündoğdu has very few shortcomings and will be applied in 2007.3

- Features to add or delete from Kaptan (contrib, gfx driver, network, etc.)
An interface with graphic card drivers will not be added to Kaptan
The option to add the contrib depository to Kaptan will not be shown to the user in Kaptan. This option will be added by Faik Uygur to the Package Manager in 2007.3

The network manager will not be embedded with Kaptan anymore.

Roadmap to 2008

- Migration to Python 2.5 WILL happen
- Migration to KDE4 will NOT happen
- The contrib and devel depository will merge
- Wiki responsible will be Uğur Çetin and Bertan Gündoğdu will assist him.

Submitting news to Distrowatch.com;
There are problems with creating some sort of a news bulletin, more then
submitting news to Distrowatch.com

Professional support will be seeked from Artistanbul.
News items will regularly be published both in English and Turkish.
This process will start from November

(Please note this is not a full translation of the meeting, I hope it makes sense...:-)
39  General / General topics / Re: Translation on: August 27, 2007, 14:26:46 PM
Does anyone know more about the outcome of the developer meeting?

You can find the notes at http://tr.pardus-wiki.org/22-08-2007_IRC_Toplant%C4%B1s%C4%B1#Toplant.C4.B1_G.C3.BCndemi_ve_Kararlar

Still in Turkish though. I'll try to translate it whenever I have the time.
40  General / General topics / Re: Translation on: August 27, 2007, 14:05:10 PM
THanks for translating man! Wish I could read more news about Pardus, since most is in Turkish...

No problem Willem...:-)
41  General / General topics / Re: Translation on: August 25, 2007, 21:54:57 PM
It roughly translates to the following:

The fourth developers meeting will be held at 22 August.

The meeting will be held at the #pardus-devel channel of irc.freenode.net and
it will contain the following:

* Roadmap to 2007.3
- What features do we want?
- Things to add to Kaptan (contrib, gfx driver, network, etc.)

* Overall business
- How do we point out GPLv2 Only packages?
- Wat will our attitude be towards GPLv3 / LGPLv3
- When will the transformation of Translations.xml happen?
- Point out packages wich are looking for maintainer in Packager tags.

* Roadmap to 2008
- Python 2.5 migration
- Will KDE4 be used?
- What will happen to the contrib depository?
- Buildfarm for the devel depository
- Possible merger of the contrib despository with the devel depository

* Social things
- A Wiki responsable will be named
- A procedure of submitting news to Distrowatch.com will be created

* Discussion regarding the bugs at Bugzilla
42  Assistance / Software / Re: Virtualbox and USB on: August 24, 2007, 10:43:11 AM
Hello Tomcom,

Appearantly you have to install VirtualBox binary edition for USB support.
You can download the version for all linux distros at Virtualbox.org

43  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Hello from Turkey ! on: August 20, 2007, 21:18:35 PM
Merhaba Highenergy.......... Grin

So this makes me the 2nd Turk posting hello??
44  Assistance / Installing Pardus / Re: VirtualBox net connection on: August 12, 2007, 21:12:37 PM
It works indeed with a fixed dns.

But I still think it should also work with dynamic dns.

Nevertheless, I am glad it's working now. Grin
45  Assistance / Installing Pardus / Re: VirtualBox net connection on: August 10, 2007, 14:56:05 PM
It worked.

They are reopening the bug:

------- Comment #7 From İsmail "cartman" Dönmez 2007-08-10 13:42:23 -------
I am reopening the bug due to popular confirmations.
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