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1  Assistance / Configuring Pardus / X Server randomly won't start with Intel 945GM on: February 01, 2009, 20:57:39 PM

I have mentioned this before in an old topic, but with the upcoming release of 2008.2 I hope there is a solution for this yet.

If I boot my laptop (Toshiba Satellite A100) with an Intel 945GM graphics chip, the X server randomly won't start. I'm left with a blinking cursor, without any error messages. I guess there will be a log file somewhere, but I don't know where.

This problem exists since 2008.0; 2008.1 didn't solve anything and 2008.2 beta stopped the X server from crashing while it was already running, so it's a start Tongue

I noticed that I have a really better chance of getting the X server to start if I select 'Opnieuw koppelen' (Dutch) in the GRUB menu with F3, which is the 3th option, next to 'Standard' and 'Failsafe'

Does anyone have a solution?  Undecided
2  Assistance / Configuring Pardus / Re: Can't get resolution right after installing nvidia driver on: August 10, 2008, 22:51:18 PM
Just in case X won't start again:

While in GRUB, press f3 and select 'failsafe'. This way, Pardus will select the VESA driver. This way you can reconfigure your card properly, or at least get in KDE Smiley You also don't need to reïnstall Pardus.

3  Assistance / Configuring Pardus / Re: Internet problem after installing all upgradable packages on: August 10, 2008, 12:25:37 PM

please make in Console

sudo pisi up

The problem could solved with it.


Andreas, this seems to have solved it. However, when I ran it, all I saw for my 5 repos was, "Packages up-to-date". So, it is not clear at all what the problem was.


PiSi could have downloaded the new packages, but it might not have installed them, so it did now. You probably saw [cached] after each package name Smiley
4  Assistance / Configuring Pardus / Re: 3 screens with 2 videocards on: August 07, 2008, 15:52:02 PM
Since when do an ATI and an NVidia card work together?
5  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: youtube downloading on: July 17, 2008, 16:39:02 PM
You can't play a video with a cd player. In K3B, select 'create audo disc' (or similar), and try to burn it that way Smiley

If it gives you an error, you might want to extract the audio from the video file, using kdenlive or something.
6  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: youtube downloading on: July 16, 2008, 19:26:37 PM
You have to insert an (empty) cd/dvd before the player is listed Smiley
7  Assistance / Bugs / Re: [solved]Pardus 2008 with mobile Intel graphics card on: July 13, 2008, 21:55:31 PM
Well, the original problem was solved by adding

Option "FramebufferCompression" "false"

to the xorg.conf file. I haven't noticed any changes with the new driver, but no other problems appeared either.
8  Assistance / Laptop / Re: Brightness change on Pardus 2007.3 on: July 09, 2008, 20:25:05 PM
For me, this has been fixed since the 2008 release Smiley
9  General / The Pub / Re: Desktop Wallpapers on: July 09, 2008, 16:39:00 PM

Well, some of them are nice, but where are the full resolution images? (800x600 is rather low)
10  General / The Pub / Re: Browser on: July 07, 2008, 01:47:17 AM
I always use Firefox, and I guess I always will be Smiley
11  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: internet explorer on: July 06, 2008, 01:16:39 AM
i cant believe you men there is a web browser like firefox which is hundred times better than ie and you still want ie

Why don't you read his reason...

I guess xp in virtualbox is the best option, since you need 'silverlight' (microsoft's version of adobe's flash)
12  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: gtkhtml3 on: July 06, 2008, 01:13:20 AM
I need this to install openftd. The manual sais that i must do this:

I wrote the manual for installing openftd on pardus... that's what i meant with the wiki Smiley
13  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: gtkhtml3 on: July 05, 2008, 16:16:24 PM
I guess this is a reaction on the wikipage? If so, I should add that you have to add the contrib repo Smiley
14  Assistance / Software / Re: gtk2-devel package on: July 04, 2008, 10:22:44 AM
Thx Andreas (a.k.a the bug man) Smiley
15  Assistance / Software / [solved]gtk2-devel package on: July 04, 2008, 00:55:35 AM

I wondered why the 'gtk2-devel'  package is not available in the repository nor the contrib one. It is a quite important and common package/dependancie, especially when you're compiling programs (that's why I need it). Is there any chance this one will become available?

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