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April 21, 2014, 10:41:35 AM
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1  Assistance / Software / Re: Soundserver error, please help. on: June 19, 2007, 09:34:47 AM
Only an idiot would try to install MacOs X on a Dell-laptop. Why would you?

Of course I didn't really...  Grin
But what I wanted to state: the reason OSX is working well is that it works on a very limited range of hardware. Pardus (and other Linuxes too) runs on a much wider range of hardware. But there is some hardware on the market where even Pardus has its problems.
For the best hardware-support you'll have to choose Windows (but not Vista!), but than you'll have to take the virusses, spyware, blue-screens, etc. for granted too. And you'll have to pay for it (although less than that you'll have to pay for OSX).


 Smiley I didn't assume that you did try to install MacOS X on a Dell, though I seems to be possible as I read in the internet. And of course you are right that MacOS X is written for special configurations. But what most people do not know that Mac OS X supports almost all PC hardware. I have repaired many Mac's (from G3 to G5) with hardware I bought in the normal PC-shop. It just works.

I do not like Microsoft products so much nor the monopoly Microsft has on the PC market. And yes, I paid for my copy of XP Pro, which I wouldn't mind so much if it were good. Against virusses I installed Avast, against the spyware Adaware of Lavasoft. I know Windows sucks, so that is why I tried Linux. And I will say that Pardus is a very nice operating system.
But when I can't use my sound as I could before the installing of the latest updates in Pardus than I am a little disappointed. With my limited knowledge of Linux I couldn't find an answer to my troubles. And I searched for a very long time.
Nobody on the forum knows. And a question "Did you use your alsaconfig?" without the explanation how doesn't bring me a step further.

I do not mind to pay for an excellent OS. I would pay for Pardus if all my hardware worked.
2  Assistance / Software / Re: Soundserver error, please help. on: June 19, 2007, 09:15:25 AM
You didnt try alsaconf and yet you are complaining about Pardus?
I dont realy get it why people become aggressive when they run into solvable problems, and why they start praising commercial operation systems as XP, Vista, OSX.
It is not that I will start planning to buy me an iBook/iPod because someone didn't try to configure his alsa driver  Huh?

First I tried everything I knew to solve my sudden trouble with my sounddriver in Pardus. I even went to the site of the alsa-drivers and looked if i could find a solution there. But my knowledge of Linux is limited. To be honest I do not know what to do to use alsaconfig. That is why I asked my question on this forum.

Second I am not "agressive" as you write. I merely state an opinion. I do not complain about Pardus. I just said that I gave up trying to find ways to let things work with Pardus. When you read carefully what I wrote, than you can see that I think that Pardus in my opinion is the best Linux distrobution I have worked with. And just for computing fun I tried many.

Third I do not praise MS Windows XP or Vista. Somewhat disappointed I wrote that it gives me peace and quiet that with the right driver everything works with XP. I would have loved to keep on using Pardus, but when important things do not work and I can't get an answer to my problems, what can I do?
Moreover I have nothing against a commercial OS. Why should things be free? When People worked hard to make something good, why not pay them for their effort? I would pay money for Pardus if I would know that all my hardware would work with the program. Why not? It is a good OS, it is even more than an OS.

In my opinion MacOS X in combination with a Macintosh computer still is the best OS there is. It is possible though to run OSX on a 386 or higher "Windows"-machine. When you buy a Mac all really works out of the box and that is what I like. I love to use computers, not configuring them.

3  Assistance / Software / Re: Soundserver error, please help. on: June 19, 2007, 00:22:55 AM
Hans, have you tried using the sound configuration tool alsaconf? That might get it to work.
What sound card do you have?

Hi, thanks for your reaction. No I didn't use alsaconfig.

My sound is onboard i845 and some more. I have a IBM Netvista type 8305-17G. It all worked perfectly with Pardus before the last updates. After installing the last updates of 2007.1 I got suddenly the messages that there is something wrong with my sound. I couldn't use Skype anymore. I have been searching for a solution for days.

But I gave up. I do not like to spend so much time getting things to work after an update  that worked very well before. My Windows XP Pro HD is in the PC again and now all goes as it should be.

Pardus is a nice Linux distribution though, probably the best there is. I tried many distrobutions. I liked to work with Pardus and I will follow the developement. Maybe some day all things will work correctly with Pardus.

4  Assistance / Software / Re: Soundserver error, please help. on: June 19, 2007, 00:04:23 AM
For me after all my experimenting with Linux there is only one conclusion: the only (almost) perfect working system is MacOs X.

And after trying to install MacOS X on an Dell laptop I came to the conclusion: MacOS X sucks  Wink


Only an idiot would try to install MacOs X on a Dell-laptop. Why would you?

Apple sells the best hardware there is for MacOS X, no need to put MacOS X on a Dell-laptop. An Apple Macbook or Apple MacBook Pro and MacOs X are outstanding combinations. But even the older Apple laptops run perfectly on MacOs X.
MacOs X is the most advanced and stable OS there is, no question about it. Neither Windows nor Linux can compete with it.

After all troubles with Pardus Linux I even begin to value Windows XP.
5  Assistance / Software / Re: Soundserver error, please help. on: June 17, 2007, 23:22:52 PM
I had a similar problem after the update of pardus 2007.1 and I solved it uninstalling alsa driver and compiling the driver downloaded from the alsa project site.
but now I'm using pardus 2007.2 beta and everything is going perfectly out of the box Smiley, so I suggest you try this beta

Smiley Thanks for the suggestion.

I did install the 2007.2-beta but got the same problem, same message. Aaahhhh, it's ok. For my IBM Netvista I put my Windows HD again. Windows sucks of course, but I must say with the proper driver all works.
For the real work I use my Macintosh machines.
For me after all my experimenting with Linux there is only one conclusion: the only (almost) perfect working system is MacOs X.
Pardus Linux makes me tired, as any Linux distrobution does. When y solve a problem, the next one is there. I have given Linux much attention, but I want to work with a computer not spending hours and hours searching for a solution for a problem I didn't have at first. Forums makes me tired. So I give up. I do not think Linux will ever be ready for the average PC-user.
Success with Pardus or any LInux distrobution.
And thanks for your reaction.
6  Assistance / Software / Soundserver error, please help. on: June 16, 2007, 19:37:04 PM
After installing the latest updates in Pardus, I get a soundserver error which makes it impossible for me to use Skype, which workes very well before. I can play music through Pardus though. Alsa-drivers are installed. I do not know what to do.
Finally I solved my WiFi problems by installing a Sweex PCI-adapater with an Atheros-chipset which was natively recognized by Pardus and works like a train. Now I have this. I would hate to put my Windows HD back and work with Macro$oft.

Anybody who can help me?
7  Assistance / Configuring Pardus / Re: authentication failed using WPA on: April 25, 2007, 16:45:33 PM
Thanks veery much for y reply but all is too complicated for me. I know nothing of linux so working in a terminal is not my favorite hobby.
I put my PC with Pardus on the cable, that works fine. I have two Mac's with which i can enjoy my wireless router.


8  Assistance / Configuring Pardus / authentication failed using WPA on: April 23, 2007, 14:38:22 PM
I installed a Compact Wireless-G USB-adapter which is natively supported by Pardus: Pardus sees my adapter Pardus recognizes my network through a Belkin Wireless G-router, but when i try to loging on my network using WPAPreshared Key I get over and over the message "authentication failed". WEP doesn't work too.
When I logon to my network without safety (=without WPA or WEP) I am on the internet in two seconds. So all is working very well except for my safety settings.

Does anybody know what I can do?
9  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / How can I install LImewire in Pardus? on: March 27, 2007, 14:18:30 PM
Until now I can't find limewire.pisi. I would like to install Limewire in Pardus. Can anybody tell me how I can do that? I would be very grateful.
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