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1  General / As seen on the internet / Re: Compiz Fusion on Pardus - Youtube video by ErenTurkay on: November 09, 2007, 09:49:38 AM
I can even use Compiz - Fusion on my  Toshiba Satellite L 10 without any major problems. 1.6 Ghz Centrino , with 512Mb ram  & 82852/855GM Integrated garphics card !!! ( which is about 3  years old now )

I like it because it's a nice way to show my friends what linux can do with some basic hardware. Grin
2  Assistance / Laptop / Re: Which laptop to buy? on: November 09, 2007, 09:33:43 AM
My  Toshiba Satellite L 10 1.6 Ghz Centrino , with 512Mb ram  & 82852/855GM Integrated garphics card ( which is about 3  years old now ) works fine with 2007.2.

I can even use Compiz - Fusion without any major problems.I like it because it's a nice way to show my friends what linux can do with some basic hardware. Cheesy

3  Assistance / Configuring Pardus / Should I update and upgrade all the packages or just the ones I use ? on: October 29, 2007, 13:49:29 PM

In the Pisi Package Manager there are a number of items listed under the componenets  such as kernel , network , others , programming etc.Programming part says that I have 7 upgrades available but I'm not interested in programming at all.

Does it cause any stability problems if I do not upgrade some of the items in the pisi manager or should I select all and upgrade all packages ?

Since I have a download - limit this is an important issue for me.( Maybe for  2007.3 it will be nice to add a package-group selection tool like the one in Mandrake. Maybe just a question like ''Are you interested in programming , games etc?''  will help.)

Thanks in advance.
4  General / As seen on the internet / Compiz Fusion on Pardus - Youtube video by ErenTurkay on: October 21, 2007, 14:49:27 PM
Click the link below.You can search for more compiz and beryl videos - there are some good ones.


By the way I installed compiz too.Very enjoyable.It runs great with an AMD Athlon 2000+ Cpu ,64Mb GeForce4 MX440 Graphics card and 512 Mb DDR ram.
5  General / Tips and tricks / Re: Beryl and Java on: October 21, 2007, 02:26:31 AM
Does it also work for Compiz Fusion? While using compiz  I see a blank screen with Limewire as it is a jawa application.
And can you post a screenshot of your edited page or just copy-paste the related part here so we can see where exactly we should insert the new code.( Just to be sure  Smiley)Thanks.
6  Assistance / Installing Pardus / Re: pardus won't install on: October 21, 2007, 02:04:29 AM

I had a similar problem.I chose English as my install language than I chose '' Minimal Installation'' as far as I remember .Then the installation started.Burn the iso  on a good cd with 32x or less (not 52x because there may be faults) and try minimal install.Hope you come over it  Wink
7  International Pardus Users / Turkish / İngilizce wiki ye katkı... on: October 14, 2007, 00:34:20 AM

Türkçe wiki de ulaşılan bazı sayafaların İngilizce wiki de henüz yer almadığı görülüyor.Benim gibi çeviri konusunda , yoğun olmamak koşuluyla , yardımda bulunmak isteyenler olacaktır.Tabi çevirileri yapsak bile bunlarin bir editör kontrolünden geçmesi gerekir sanırım.İzlenebilecek yol nedir acaba birkaç cümleyle özetlerseniz sevinirim.
8  International Pardus Users / Turkish / Selamlar on: October 12, 2007, 16:30:17 PM
Arkadaşlar ben de Pardusun yurtdışında daha fazla tanınması adına bu forumda vakit buldukça ingilizce olarak kısa kısa birseyler yazmaya calisiyorum.Özellikle benim gibi yeniler için , sorunlara birlikte çözümler üretildiğinde , kullanıcı sayısı daha da artacaktır diye düşünüyorum.Zaten yabancıların yorumlarında da 'A nice and friendly community willing to help' olarak tanınan bir grup Pardus kullanıcıları.Parçası olabilirsek ne mutlu bize.
9  Assistance / Hardware / Nvidia GeForce4 MX440...50hz is 85hz in fact... on: October 12, 2007, 01:20:39 AM
After installing the correct nvidia drivers for my GeForce4 mx440, I realised that Configure-KDesktop shows the resolution as 50hz. But when I use the menu button on my monitor I can see that it works  in 85 hz in fact. So thats what I want.

But don't choose a higher one on Configure-KDesktop  like 53hz or 54hz because the real resolution becomes worse like 75hz or somethin and 55hz is the worst .Then I learned that this is due to a known bug.
10  General / Tips and tricks / Re: How to access your Win Xp (Ntfs) files on Pardus 2007.1 on: October 12, 2007, 00:48:53 AM
Now I dont use this command because I don't have a Win partition any more  Grin Its clear that Just Pardus is enough  Grin
11  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: Nvidia GeForce2 MX integrated (onboard) Graphics...Drivers & freezing proble on: October 12, 2007, 00:43:57 AM
I  bought a second hand GeForce4 mx440 video card and now everything is fine.The integrated-gpu issue is still a question but not a problem for me any more.Thanks alot.Learning new things about Linux and pardus day by day.
12  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Nvidia GeForce2 MX integrated (onboard) Graphics...Drivers & freezing problem on: October 02, 2007, 00:14:27 AM
Hi there

When I install nvidia divers with the package manager and restart the computer , it freezez just after I see the NVIDIA logo on the screen.

I tried both new and old versions of drivers.Its the same.So I can't make full use of my graphics card ( which is in fact not very fast)and ı cant play games like tuxracer.The games do not respond with out the Geforce 2 GPU which I cant really make use of .

My present xorg.conf without nvidia drivers installed (because it freezes) is as below and systeminfo says that I have NO 3D SUPPORT :'(  Any ideas of solution ?

Section "Device"
    Screen 0
    Identifier "VideoCard0"
    Driver     "nv"
    VendorName "nVidia Corporation"
    BoardName  "NVCrush11 [GeForce2 MX Integrated Graphics]"
    # BusID      "PCI:2:0:0"

Section "Monitor"
    Identifier  "Monitor0"
    VendorName  "Unknown"
    ModelName   "Unknown"
    HorizSync    30-70
    VertRefresh  50-160


Section "Screen"
    Identifier "Screen0"
    Device     "VideoCard0"
    Monitor    "Monitor0"
    DefaultDepth 24
    Subsection "Display"
        Depth    24
        Modes    "1024x768" "800x600"
13  General / Tips and tricks / Re: How to access your Win Xp (Ntfs) files on Pardus 2007.1 on: September 30, 2007, 14:00:19 PM
Root login is    su      s  won't be capital letter , sorry  Tongue
14  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Hello from Turkey ! on: September 30, 2007, 13:57:52 PM
I think I'm the third   Grin
15  General / Tips and tricks / How to access your Win Xp (Ntfs) files on Pardus 2007.1 on: September 30, 2007, 13:40:01 PM
Programs>System>Konsole(Terminal Program)
Type    Su     to become root
Type    mkdir /mnt/hda1;mount -rw /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1;konqueror /mnt/hda1

This works for me.I can listen to my songs which are on my Win partition for example but I can't make any changes .I don't know if there are any other prctical ways of doing it.I just wanted  to share.
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