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1  General / General topics / formatting ext3 into ntfs on: January 18, 2009, 14:17:44 PM
I have a partitioned harddisk voor Pardus and Windows. Need to expand the Windows part. So does anyone know how to fortmat ext3 back to ntfs?
2  Assistance / Bugs / Re: Yali.exception and total crash during installing on: April 16, 2008, 23:28:46 PM
Thanks a lot! At last the installing went properly!

by the way, maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought the instruction suggested 3.5 GB for installating Pardus, should that be corrected? Anyway thanks again.

3  Assistance / Bugs / Yali.exception and total crash during installing on: April 15, 2008, 11:13:42 AM
Installed Pardus 2007, but had bugs. Tried 3 times to install Pardus 2007.3. It didn't work out. I made earlier (Pardus 2007) partition for Pardus about 4.5 GB, SWAB about 2 GB en for users about 10 GB.
Every time:
at first it sticks during the formatting (had to push the on/off button of my computer).
second time I got an error during installing before formatting: Yali.exception
third time I got GRUB error 15 (system can't find GRUB).

memory is 256.
Windows XP is also installed on the same harddisc.
Checked the installation CD as advised in the installation-programme and after burning iso-file on CD.

best regards,
4  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: help: Pardus fails starting up. on: April 14, 2008, 23:46:56 PM
Sorry, don't know how to make a screen-dump and can't copy text (yes I'm a beginner, and can't even find it on wiki).

I installed Pardus again, resulted in the same turkish text. But I used an older version (2007). I don't know and can't find a HOW-TO for making an upgrade to 2007.3

The 2007.3 version installing failed over and over again. I did the CD-check in the installation-program. I'm sure I followed the right instructions about required memory on the hard-disk.
the first time it sticked formatting the disk-space (never occured before). Had to push the on/off button.
The second time it sticked on a black screen when about 30% was configured. Had to push the on/off button.
The third time I got an error:
"swap format failed: /dev/hda3

etc. etc.

The fourth time I installed the older version (2007), but it didn/t end properly in the end (after installation and going to the login-screen wich it didn't reach). Had to pus the on/off button again. Starting up did run properly.

Then I tried to make the language all dutch like explained in WIKI. I got the bug:
" Pardus configuratiecentrum (Tasma) ongeldige bewerking signaal: 6 (SIGABRT)"

I also tried this one:
"  Pakketbeheer > Toon nieuwe pakketten

Vul in het Zoek: veld k3b in.

Zet een vinkje voor k3b-i18n-nl en kies Installeer pakket(ten).

Sluit Pakketbeheer. "

but after following the instructions I got the announcement of conflicting files:
"kernel-headers: [linux-headers]
iputils   [tracerouteuitgave <= 5]
kernel [m560x]"

Before I answered "Yes". this time " no" . To be onest: I don't know what to respond. There is no explanation.

So: I'm lost.......

Does anyone know a link to the right last version of pardus that works? Please? I'll trie it once again.

nevertheless thanks for all the help I got.

5  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / Re: help: Pardus fails starting up. on: April 14, 2008, 09:29:13 AM
Ok, I was a bit irritated. Excuse me. So, to your questions and remarks:

I did install Pardus on a Fijutsi-Siemens Scaleo, memory 256, 55 GB harddisk. Don't know the processor-speed, at least to run Windows XP on it also properly. Did run ok, also with Windows XP, until installation of Thunderbird.  I looked for Thunderbird in the Package Manager (grafic, I didn't use any command lines/console, so I have no output of the command line) first but could not find it. So I downloaded it (www.mozilla.com) Then started PM again, wich did find Thunderbird. 209 'dependend' packages were needed. It took approximately 3 hours to install. Then it sticked after the configuration of the last package, I mean: it kept running without doing anything, the program didn't end/stopped itself. I did not know what to do so I stopped the system the proper whay (though, had to do it 2 times. The first time PM ended, the second time the system shut down).

By the way, PM did report some conflicting files before installing Thunderbird and asked tot remove them. I did answer 'yes'.

After that I started up my desktop but Pardus didn't go any further than the 'blue' screen (with 'Pardus' on top) and doesn't go further to the graphic part/shell with the login of users etc.  Nothing works here so it seemed, so I had to shut the desktop simply down by pushing the on/off button. That is why I installed it again: it didn't work anymore. And did the whole thing (installing Thunderbird etc.) again. Same result.

About the Turkish help-files: yes, the command-lines and 'buttons' are in Dutch. But pushing the help-button in the menu I only got Turkish texts. And also the texts of the categories and the packages are in turkish. Is it advisable to download and install Pardus in english next time?

If I have to intall Thunderbird by the command line, please help me where I can find any instructions.

Best regards,

6  Assistance / Pardus for beginners / help: Pardus fails starting up. on: April 13, 2008, 23:13:30 PM
Despite all enthusiastic stories about Pardus I'm cooled down and disappointed already after 2 days use, having various problems:

1) Installing thunderbird failed 3 times: package manager sticks every time at the end. Had to reboot te system. Thunderbird isn't installed.

1a) Why is 'help' only in turkish?Huh?Huh?

2) As a result Pardus won't start up: sticks with the blue 'swimming pool' screen and won't go any further.

3) re-installed Pardus allready 2 times.

4) sorry to say: fed-up with it and thinking going back to microsoft (yes, really), unless somebody knows what to do.

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