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31  General / Wish list / Re: Google Picassa on: July 14, 2008, 08:04:52 AM
give me newcomer instructions on how I can install it if possible please?


You find here enough instructions how to install Google Picassa. Wink

There is the point "Command Line Configuration" important for you.


Hi Andreas,

Thank you for the information, but I am still stuck.
I am trying the automated script, but:

tony@tony-pardus ~ $ bash google-repo-setup.sh
ERROR: Unsupported or unknown package management system.
Please see http://www.google.com/linuxrepositories/index.html
for information on configuring your system manually.
tony@tony-pardus ~ $

And I see instructions for
    *  APT (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.)
    * YUM (Fedora)
    * urpmi (Mandriva)
    * YaST2 (SUSE)
    * RPM (Red Hat)
Which of these, if any, will help me?
Please help me a little bit more (sorry, I am new to Pardus)

32  General / Wish list / [solved]Google Picassa on: July 13, 2008, 12:36:07 PM
Could you consider adding Google Picassa, http://picasa.google.com/linux/download.html
to Pardus or give me newcomer instructions on how I can install it if possible please?

Thanks for providing a link to install Google Earth found on this fine forum, but I can not seem to find anything about Picassa. Sorry if I might have missed it somewhere.

All the best,
33  General / Introduce yourself / Re: Hello, and congratulations from the United Kingdom on: July 11, 2008, 21:15:32 PM
Hi Willem,

Many thanks for the warm welcome, and below is a copy of the email I have written to Linux Format magazine, of which I am a subscriber.
I hope I have covered most of what the happy users of Pardus are feeling.
Dear Sir,

With over 500 Linux-based distributions, I can understand the dilemma Linux Format has keeping up with all that goes on in the Linux world each month. Then, to cap it all, there is the problem of keeping the purists (who believe Linux needs to keep strictly to the non-proprietary rules) happy. The dawning of fully-featured, complete Linux desktops that enable newcomers to use their chosen system in the same way they enjoyed Windows out of the box from the word go will no doubt add fuel to the debate.

The problem is, newcomers to Linux expect to be able to play their MP3s, expect Flash and other components to work without problems; to be able to compete on level terms with their old operating system, much to the potential horror of long-standing Linux users. It doesn't help either that different countries have different laws regarding proprietary software. All this makes for a hard life for editors when trying to keep everyone happy, and you are likely to get flak from all sides.

However hard you try, you can not please everyone, so a balance must be struck and the choice of distribution (which Linux is all about) given to the user for them to make their decision.

With the popularity of Linux Mint, DreamLinux, Sabayon, Ubuntu and others, all of whom have a willingness to cater for as many different users as possible, I would very much like to add another Distribution to the list of fully-featured, complete desktop systems, which, in my view, gives many leading makers a good run for their money, Pardus 2008, which was released on the 27th of June, is funded and developed by the Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey, but with many other languages, including English GB available. It is, quite frankly, the best Linux I have had the pleasure to use on my two home PCs and one laptop.

Pardus has a range of unique features, such as Mudur, a start-up framework of Pardus to speed up the boot process, and PiSi, an efficient package management system with a user-friendly graphical interface, and although not available as a live CD (it is install-only at this present time), comes with almost all of the codecs and software to be able to work straight out of the box, and gives much for purists to throw a wobbly about, but for newcomers, it is a breath of fresh air. Why it is so low in the Distrowatch top 100 is quite beyond me, and the only reason I can see for this is the concentration on the top five or so, which is a little unfair in my eyes.

I am sure if you'd like to do a review of this excellent Linux distro, there would be many interested readers, and in so much that Linux isn't Windows, Pardus isn't quite like any other Linux I have tried (and I've tried and used most - don't we all)?!

Damn it, if you don't, I'll do it myself. Then you'll be in a REAL muddle!
[disclaimer] I have no affiliation with, or to, Pardus Linux, other than being a highly satisfied user of the operating system, and have received no money from anyone for this letter, which has been exclusively written for Linux Format magazine.
All the best for a fine magazine, and the dawning of a new era of computing.

Tony Smith,
Duxford, Cambridge
34  General / Wish list / [suggestion] link to Pardus Forum on: July 11, 2008, 19:34:14 PM
On a new installationof Pardus 2008, there is a folder and link to Pardus related information websites, but not, it seems, a link to this forum.
Would it be an advantage to include a link to worldforum.pardus-linux.nl for users in the next release?

All the best

35  General / Introduce yourself / Hello, and congratulations from the United Kingdom on: July 11, 2008, 15:38:34 PM
Hi, I'm Tony from Duxford in the United Kingdom, and it's very nice to meet you all.

I have just downloaded Pardus 2008, and after roughly two years trying many different Linux operating systems, I have finally found the Distro for me. It is quite beyond me why Pardus is not higher on the Distrowatch charts, as it meets all of my computing needs. I have tried most Distributions, Ubuntu, Mint, Suse, and many many more, and although it has taken me a long time, I am very happy and settled now.

Just in case people browsing the forum is wondering about compatibility with their system, Pardus is working well here with a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop (no webcam on my model), Samsung ML-2010R laser printer, HP Scanjet 3400C scanner, and desktop PC: Asus P1 Pundit AMD 1600 with NVidia intregrated graphics card, with Samsung SyncMaster 913N monitor, Samsung ML-1510 laser printer.

I wish the developers and community continued success, and offer my thanks to you all for a very fine operating system.
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