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1  Assistance / Hardware / Re: Pardus 2008 sound-problem on: July 06, 2008, 16:37:17 PM
Hi there, Andreas, High Energy and william5,
Looks like you guys are really on the ball.
My sound card which did not work with 2008 is a Yamaha. I also have a Via card, AC97 built into my motherboard. It occurred to me to energise the Via card and see what would happen. I used the live cd of Myah OS 3 to access
alsaconf, energised the Via card and transfered the speaker connection on the back of my machine.
Result ? Instant sound !
Looks like you were all correct - The problem is that the alsa in 2008 is choosy about which sound cards it is prepared to recgnise.
Wee job for the Pardus devs !
Regards to all,
2  Assistance / Hardware / Re: Pardus 2008 sound-problem on: July 02, 2008, 14:37:59 PM
Hi, Andreas,
Thank you for pointing me in the direction to get some answers.
I am so glad to know that I am not the only one to have this problem and to know that it is not my fault.
I was beginning to think I must be a peabrained idiot, rather than a 79 year old wanderer from Windows with scant knowledge of Linux and no knowledge of command line.
Perhaps I should stick to 2007.3 and wait until the Pardus team sort out this problem and release 2008.1 or .2 or whatever.
Thank you again for your help.
3  Assistance / Hardware / Pardus 2008 sound-problem on: July 01, 2008, 17:07:43 PM
I have three times downloaded and burned to disk Pardus 2008. Each time I have wiped out a partition on my hard disk and installed 2008 with the same result -- no sound. Everything else works OK. I had the same problem some time before with Knoppix and PCLinux OS. At that time I was advised to go :-
Konsole - su - Password - alsaconfig.
This gave me a program to configure my sound card to Alsa and gave me full sound.
I have tried this with 2008 and Konsole reports " no such file ".
On the same disk I have Windows XP and Pardus 2007.3, both of which have full sound. 
All three installations seemed to go smoothly, so what am I doing wrong ?
Can anyome help, please ?
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