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April 19, 2014, 21:42:45 PM
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 on: Today at 03:34:08 
Started by richdb - Last post by Dirse Yalçın
Hello Richard,

So good to hear from you. And great news you give. Thank you.

Yes, I still use Pardus, last version (2011.2). I am also happy to hear about PisiLinux developments.

This reminds me another topic:

You remember that I wrote many ideas about forming a European/World association.

Not necessarily only Pardus/Pisi. Maybe we can start a new "cooperative" company. It can be international. All about Linux distros and open source in general. A cooperative is stronger than an association.

Maybe you know, 2012 was the United Nations "Cooperatives Year". I have been working on cooperative business model.

We can challenge Windows/MS "corporate" (profit-based) model with this "cooperative" model.

Training, education, information is very important. Advertising, marketing, publicising ... Many people still think Windows/MS is the only option.

In Turkey, there is a profit corporation called "Bilge Adam" ("The Wise Man"). They started about 12 years ago. They have many branches around the country. They have many offices (private courses) and they always teach only Windows/MS. Of course, Microsoft supports them financially and otherwise.

I know there is Linux Foundation, Ubuntu, Canonical, etc. But where are they physically?! They must have offices in every country, every city. Just like Microsoft. We have to fight the enemy with its own weapons.

If anyone interested in teaching Linux/Open Source physically, at classes, to general public, please let me know.

We are starting a new cooperative company in Istanbul, on general education, culture, arts & science.

My regards to all the members of this forum.


 on: April 14, 2014, 10:09:25 AM 
Started by richdb - Last post by richdb
Hi old Pardus users,

I am working with Pisi Linux 1.0 RC2 for a few weeks now, and it run very well or in other words it really rocks.

Sometimes you need to travel to find out that home is the best place. So maybe we not have the old Pardus anymore,
Pisi Linux is maybe even better and the repo's are already much bigger then in the Pardus time. So if you are an old
Pardus users you really love Pisi Linux.

Maybe the development of Pisi Linux is not going so fast, but the quality is really good. The most work is done by Serdar
(in the Pardus time under the nick tulliana), Marcin (from the old parduseruser.de from Poland), Namso01 (also from the
old pardususer.de) and Yusuf.

For myself I update and build some packages now and then. Also together with Groni from Germany (a new Pisi Linux user
and former SolusOs user) we keep the people informed about Pisi Linux on G+, the Pisi Linux world forum and the website

Old Pardus users, you really should try Pisi Linux because it feels like coming home  Smiley.

 on: June 18, 2013, 13:51:21 PM 
Started by richdb - Last post by richdb
Hello everyone,

The Anka-team would like to thank everyone for their patience. And the team would like to
thank everyone for their support the last months.

But it finally arrived, the Pisi Linux 64bit Beta. In this release:
- Kernel 3.8.13
- Firefox 21
- LibreOffice 4.0.33
- KDE SC 4.10.3
- Many up-to-date versions of free software
- From the installation ready to us in many languages
- To make the installation in VirtualBox your virtual disk must have at least 10 GB.
- Issues related to the Beta version can be discuss http://forum.pisilinux.org or http://forum.pisilinuxworld.org
or on the Freenode IRC channel #pisi-linux

Enough talk, download the beta here: http://packages.pisilinux.org/iso/betav2/

* Beta version code-named Spanish Sueño (Dream), for the original developers of Pardus is it a dream to cherish what is elected by a unanimous vote.

 on: April 24, 2013, 08:54:26 AM 
Started by richdb - Last post by richdb
The developers are testing now ..


Pisi Linux testing. Show you desktop Smiley

 on: April 09, 2013, 21:10:24 PM 
Started by richdb - Last post by richdb
You should know more about this:

The page about Pisi Linux on DW was without opening our knowledge or consent.   It was opened by pardus-debian types. and we know that one of those is ladislav friend.   This guy has the Name Eren Kovancı . moderator on LinuxMint.tr,  parduslinux.org . with the nicks "ekovanci" and  "unixroot"
Pisi linux its on provocation by this person!! Let us note about this person.  Myself , i now exactly what i do to this guy.

Read more about this over here:

 on: April 08, 2013, 10:28:19 AM 
Started by richdb - Last post by klurig
Pisi Linux is ejected from DistroWatch. Pisi Linux spokespeople have appeared impolite and immature writes DistroWatch.

"we have found the project still rather immature at this stage - it has changed name three times already and the communication with the distribution developers have been rather unpleasant, with many conflicting requests and confusing emails".


 on: April 04, 2013, 13:49:50 PM 
Started by richdb - Last post by richdb
At the moment, the Anka-team is working hard to bring out Pisi Linux 1.0 Beta. Those who follow our github page will have noticed this. We are very close to the official Beta release.

We would like to share some aspects of Pisi Linux that we have worked on. With this, we hope to satisfy our followers’ curiosity even a little bit and to keep the excitement alive Smiley

Below, you will find some screenshots from Pisi Linux 1.0:

System Info

KDM user login screen

YALI's install screen

Pisi Linux boot screen

English version: http://www.pisilinuxworld.org/node/16

Turkish version: http://team.pisilinux.org/betaya-ceyrek-kala.html

 on: March 28, 2013, 23:13:32 PM 
Started by atolboo - Last post by richdb
Read this: http://worldforum.pardus-linux.nl/index.php?topic=4335.msg25941#msg25941

And atolboo you also know that this has nothing todo with the original Pardus. It is nothing more then
a Debian ISO with a Pardus sauce (and the sauce is just a theme and icons).
So I think it may not to bear the name Pardus.

 on: March 28, 2013, 22:35:48 PM 
Started by atolboo - Last post by atolboo
Th final version of Pardus Debian 2013 has been released...

 on: March 27, 2013, 17:57:39 PM 
Started by Chris - Last post by klurig
It is not that difficult Wink

The old creator of Pardus, Tubitak, decided not to develope Pardus based on Kaptan, Pisi, etc anymore.
What they did is take an iso of debian and give that a kind of Pardus sauce. And that is what they call
Pardus 2013. But this has nothing todo with the old Pardus because it is based on Debian and deb packages.
It is nothing more then a simple Debian makeover.

A group of volunteers that really love the Pardus distro based on Pisi, Kaptan, etc startup a new project with
the name Pardus-Anka. But a few months ago some forces inside Turkey tried to bring the new project down
because of the name Pardus. This name is trademark by Tubitak.

That is why the Anka group decided to get a new name. And that name is Pisi Linux. And Pisi Linux is the successor
of the old Pardus based on Pisi. And in a few weeks the first beta release of Pisi Linux will be avaible.

And that is the story in a nutshell Smiley

And that is why this forum will be frozen at the release of Pisi Linux 1.0 and will continue at

Thank you for answering so quickly "richdb". :-)

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