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Author Topic: All KDE configuration menu sections  (Read 3848 times)
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« on: March 15, 2008, 15:53:24 PM »

In Tasma not all KDE-menu's are (directly) available.
These can be found by pressing Alt+F2 and entering one of the following terms in the popup window that appears

e.g. Alt+F2 desktopbehavior +Enter

The following modules are available:
background       - Change the background settings
colors           - Color settings
fonts            - Font settings
kcmgtk           - Control the style and fonts used by GTK applications
icons            - Customize KDE Icons
kcmlaunch        - Choose application-launch feedback style
screensaver      - Screen Saver Settings
ksplashthememgr  - Manager for Splash Screen Themes
style            - Allows the manipulation of widget behavior and changing the Style for KDE
kthememanager    - Manage global KDE visual themes
kwindecoration   - Configure the look and feel of window titles
desktopbehavior  - You can configure how the desktop behaves here
kcmkicker        - No description available
kresources       - Configure KDE Resources
krandrtray       - Resize and rotate X screens.
desktop          - You can configure how many virtual desktops there are.
panel            - Configure the arrangement of the panel
kcmtaskbar       - Configure the panel taskbar
kwinoptions      - Configure the window behavior
kwinrules        - Configure settings specifically for a window
khtml_filter     - Configure Konqueror AdBlocK filters
useragent        - Configure the way Konqueror reports itself
cache            - Configure web cache settings
kcmcgi           - Configure the CGI KIO slave
cookies          - Configure the way cookies work
khtml_fonts      - Configure the fonts used on web pages
kcmhistory       - Configure the history sidebar
khtml_java_js    - Configure the behavior of Java and JavaScript
khtml_plugins    - Configure the browser plugins
kcmcss           - Configure the stylesheets used to render web pages
khtml_behavior   - Configure the browser behavior
ebrowsing        - Configure enhanced browsing
netpref          - Configure generic network preferences, like timeout values
fileshare        - Enable or disable file sharing
lanbrowser       - Setup lisa, reslisa and the ioslaves
kcm_btpaired     - Manage paired Bluetooth devices
proxy            - Configure the proxy servers used
kcmsambaconf     - A module to configure shares for Microsoft Windows
kcm_kdnssd       - Configure service discovery
componentchooser - Choose the default components for various services
filetypes        - Configure file associations
filebrowser      - You can configure Konqueror's file manager mode here
kcmperformance   - Configure settings that can improve KDE performance
kresources       - Configure KDE Resources
kcmkded          - System Services Configuration
kcmsmserver      - Configure the session manager and logout settings
spellchecking    - Configure the spell checker
kamera           - Configure Kamera
display          - Display Settings
joystick         - joystick - a kcontrol module to test joysticks
keyboard         - Keyboard settings
mouse            - Mouse settings
printers         - Printing system configuration (printers, jobs, classes, ...)
kcmlirc          - Configure your remote controls for use with applications
media            - Configure Storage Media
kcmaccess        - Improve accessibility for disabled persons
language         - Language, numeric, and time settings for your particular region
khotkeys         - Configure Hotkey settings
keyboard_layout  - Keyboard Layout
keys             - Configuration of keybindings
crypto           - Configure SSL, manage certificates, and other cryptography settings
kwalletconfig    - KDE Wallet Configuration
kcm_useraccount  - User information such as password, name and email
privacy          - Privacy - a kcontrol module to clean unwanted traces the user leaves on the system
audiocd          - Audiocd IO Slave Configuration
libkcddb         - Configure the CDDB Retrieval
arts             - Sound System Configuration
bell             - System Bell Configuration
kcmnotify        - System Notification Configuration
clock            - Date and time settings
kcmfontinst      - Install & preview fonts
kdm              - Configure the login manager (KDM)
desktoppath      - Change the location important files are stored
kmenuedit        - KDE menu editor

Credits / thanks to "atolboo" who posted this in the dutch forum after I was not able to get my right button menu function back on the desktop screen after I had disabled it "somewhere".

By use of Alt+F2 and typing 'desktopbehavior'I immediately was presented with the menu to restore this function, he made my day  Cheesy
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