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Author Topic: The Pardus Flavor? And: Live CD is representative or not?  (Read 1062 times)
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« on: October 27, 2009, 10:41:07 AM »

Hello all,

I was earlier using Pardus 2008, right now I am on Fedora 10. I do feel like coming back to Pardus, maybe now is the time.

On this site


I found a remaster of Pardus 2009 in swedish and english, that is a live system. I tried it. Now I just wonder, if there is anyone who has tested it, and could tell me if that is representative for what I would get if I install Pardus. I know that there are speed issues, but I am more thinking about looks, configuration etc.

Because one thing that really attracted me with Pardus 2008, was that the special customization of KDE 3, the "Pardus flavor" was so well thought out and nice looking.  The feeling of running the live Pardus dvd (with KDE 4), is that this is quite much lost.

Comments, info?


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« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2009, 11:39:20 AM »

Comments, info?
Try http://translate.google.com/ to get this in your own language!  Wink
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« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2009, 11:49:38 AM »

EXTON-PAR Live 2009 - a Swedish remaster of Pardus 2009 [090,724]

EXTON-PAR 2009 LiveDVD is a Swedish remaster of the excellent Turkish linux system Pardus 2009, released on 22 July 2009. Pardus 2009 in the original is not in the form of a live system. D vs. per today are "just" an installation disc to download on pardus.org.tr / en.

Virtually all programs in EXTON-PAR is in Swedish. Including OpenOffice.org 3.1, Firefox 3.5.1, Gimp 2.6.6, and VLC 1.0. KDE 4.2.4 and kernel is used. Although this version of EXTON-PAR can be installed to the hard drive and / or USB stick (of which so wish).

Pardus auto configuration / hardware recognition is extremely good. Rivaling for example. Ubuntu. Pardus also has a very good proprietary application manager - PiSi (Packages Installed Successfully, as intended). PiSi is at least as good as eg. Apt / Synaptic. For new installations checked all software dependencies automatically (and properly). Pardus is therefore suitable especially good for all beginners. I believe myself that Pardus has the potential to be a really great linux distribution.

EXTON-PAR 2009 LiveDVD is unique. D vs. there is no other remaster of Pardus 2009th Not even in Turkish (or English).

Click on the screenshot of EXTON-PARS desktop if you want to see a larger version.

You run the system as root (super admin) or the average linux user. The password for root and linux is Stocksund. After booting from the CD will take you to a login prompt. Note: You do not see any of the boot. We therefore inloggningsprompten log in as root or linux. Then run the command startx so you will move into KDE. If you - when you run the system as linux - To become root, open up a terminal and run the command sudo su. Important: After installing the hard drive, you should immediately (for security reasons) to change the passwords for root and linux. To do this with the command passwd root or passwd linux. Those who are really cautious of themselves may also change the passwords while driving from the disc.

Configuring X
Autokonfigureingen of X does not work as well in Pardus 2009 as it did in Pardus 2008th I have therefore in my remaster configured X (file / etc/X11/xorg.conf) so as to fit for all "normal" computers. If you're still (in console mode) to test a different configuration, you should run the command X-configure followed by xorg.conf.new mv / etc/X11/xorg.conf. The risk is great that it does not work. Please, if so, just the computer and use my configuration. After a hard disk installation, you can manually edit the file / etc/X11/xorg.conf in kwrite. On line 373 you can replace Driver "vesa" with "radeon" if you have an ATI card or the "nv" if you have an ATI card. You will then get a little better resolution (after restarting X).

What is Pardus?
Pardus has no obvious similarities with other better known linux systems. It is built from scratch and optimized for the i686 architecture. The system is (therefore?) Quickly. Very quickly to m. It is also noticeable when you run the disc. Read more on Pardus' own website.

Requirements for running the system from disk
A "modern" processor, 512MB of RAM. (It can work with less RAM if you have a SWAP space on your computer, but the journey is then likely not smooth).
Network - the Internet
If you are not automatically connected, open up a terminal and run the command dhcpcd eth0 (or eth1) to be assigned an IP address. You can of course also start the Network Manager and make your settings. See the icon at right bottom of the panel. If you have wireless you have to do it. There is a network profile "Exton". Remove it or modify it. The root folder is also a script (wlan.script) you can use the following modification of wireless connectivity. Command: sh wlan.script.

Wireless driving
Please read my tutorial Wireless and Linux HERE. Ndiswrapper is installed.

Connectivity with Vodafone mobile broadband
If you want to connect to the Internet with USB modem E220 from Huawei, please do so here:
1. Boot the computer using the USB cable in
2nd Go to the panel>> Pardus>> Applications>> Internet>> kppp
3rd Select Connect to: Vodafone (arbitrary)
4th Enter username: user (arbitrary)
5th Enter Password: password (arbitrary)
6th Select "Customize"
7th Choose to create a new account
8th Connection Name: Vodafone (arbitrary)
9th Enter Phone Number: * 99 # (change nothing)
10th Press the tab "Modem"
11th Enter / dev/ttyUSB0
12th Press OK and OK
13th Click "Connect".
Done! (For some obscure reason, never asked for your PIN). Note that you (before you press "Connect") to terminate your other ev. internet. Also note: Probably, other types of mobile broadband are configured similarly. (Now, I happened to have only one from Vodafone at hand).

Playback of media files
Using the VLC 1.0 in Swedish (latest version) you can play every media file incl. AVI. You can also do with SMPlayer. Note also the ability to "watch TV" in Firefox 3.5.1.

Nvidia's own driver
All of you who have an Nvidia graphics card can get much better screen resolution if you are installing Nvidia's own driver (after installing EXTON-PAR 2009 to the hard drive). Just run the command pisi it nvidia-glx-new nvidia-kernel-new if you have a newer card. (Read otherwise HERE). Then edit the file / etc/X11/xorg.conf. Replace Driver "nv" to Driver "nvidia". Change the resolution also from (eg.) 1280x1024 to 1680x1050. Then restart X (press Ctrl Alt Backspace) or computer. Now it looks better right?

Accessing the hard disk partitions
No auto assembly takes place. If you for example. To access your C-disk, run (as root) the command mkdir / mnt/sda1 followed by mount / dev/sda1 / mnt/sda1. If after a hard disk installation creates folders / mnt/sda1, / etc mnt/sda3 as auto installed them after you restart your computer. NTFS drives only in legible condition. How do you mount the NTFS drives read-only - see below.

Access your Windows computer with Samba
You can access your shared folders on your Windows computers using Samba. Determine your computer's IP number by starting up the command prompt (on the current Windows computer) and give the command ipconfig. Then you just start up Konqueror in EXTON-PAR 2009 and go to the address (example) smb: / / You can also use the address smb: / / WORKGROUP (if your network called WORKGROUP). All computers in your network are listed as. If your network is called something other than WORKGROUP, you should edit the / etc / samba / smb.conf.

NTFS skrivbarhet with NTFS-3G
Caution recommended. Never delete files from an NTFS partition where you have a working operating system installed. On the other hand, I myself have tried EXTON-PAR in different ways. Skrivbarheten has worked without problems. Despite the skrivbarheten should only "use" on a system partition on your other options are exhausted. D vs. anti-virus programs do not work and the operating system (read Windows) can not be started. I myself hereby disclaims all liability for ev. data loss. (Disclaimer applies f island in general). Pardus uses NTFS-3G. To access an NTFS partition on your computer, you must first install it. First, create the directory windows with the command mkdir / mnt / windows. Then mount the instance. C disk (hda1) with the command ntfs-3g / dev/hda1 / mnt / windows. You can then use the file manager Dolphin to add or remove files from the C disk. You unmount the C disk with the command umount / dev/hda1. (Note that you will run the first command mkdir / mnt / windows even if the partition you want to access - eg. Hda1 - already installed automatically in the folder / mnt/hda1. Unmount with the command umount / dev/hda1 before running above-mentioned "NTFS-3G-command").

Installation to hard disk
EXTON-PAR 2009 may - as in previous versions of EXTON-PAR - installed to the hard drive. An installation program is missing, but the installation will still work perfectly. Just do exactly as it appears in my installation guide (so can not be wrong). D vs. copy and paste commands.

Installation of the USB stick
In the above installation guide, I explained how to install EXTON-PAR 2009 to drive while driving from the disc. I later discovered that it also goes very well to install EXTON-PAR 2009 to a USB stick at least 4 GB. If you want to do it, read my blog entries on LINUX.EXTON.NET. The best thing about "my" installation method is that any changes to the system is automatically saved directly onto the dipstick. That is not the case if you eg. using the program unetbootin when installing a linux system to USB stick. With EXTON-PAR on the stick, you then really portable.

Correction of file permissions after installation to HDD / USB stick
Directory / folder / tmp has incorrect rights for the installation of EXTON-PAR to the hard drive / USB stick. The error due to "my" special method of installation. It is however easily remedied:
1. Sign in to KDE as root.
2nd Open the file manager Dolphin and go to /
3rd Right-click the folder tmp and choose Properties>> Security
4th Change rights / Access Protection so that Owner, Group and Others can "Read and modify content".

Grateful for all interested members attention to me at ev. other errors in EXTON-PAR 2009, as you discovered. (Pardus is so good that I want everything to be perfect even in EXTON-PAR).

Installation / uninstallation of software
Pardus has a very good proprietary application manager - PiSi (Packages Installed Successfully, as intended) - at least as good as eg. Apt / Synaptic. For new installations checked all software dependencies automatically (and properly). If you for example. To install Wine so simply type in the word koffice in the search box. Then check in that you want to install Wine. Click the Install program. Program Manager, as well as most other programs are in Swedish. If you want to learn everything about PiSi so please follow the link above. In my opinion, therefore PiSi impressively good. A linux system with a good application manager must simply be a success. Otherwise it may just be a case of "bad marketing" of the dist. Note: PiSi only works if you installed EXTON-PAR 2009 to HDD / USB stick. However, you can try PiSi even while driving from the disc. Installed programs, which unfortunately can not be started.

Quit your EXTON-PAR Session
To restart the computer or shut down, log out of KDE, so you will be in console mode. Then run the command reboot or poweroff. Add a sudo before you are seen as using Linux.

Access / Download
ISO file downloaded in Swedish Linux Society server.

md5sum for EXTON-PAR 2009

Record sheets and so-called feedback
I call, as usual, record sheets from interested members. Does it? The system's auto-configuration of hardware, etc. during the boot, according to my tests just exceptionally good. D vsi class with the KNOPPIX / Ubuntu, or even better still. Linux system (Pardus) is f island as "good" / interesting / convenient / useful as an example. Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora or PCLinuxOS. Write something and share your experiences. Is it correct to my praise of Pardus? Write here or in the current forum.
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Former Pardus user, now on OpenSUSE 12.2 (KDE)
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