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Author Topic: Pardus Community Summit 2010  (Read 969 times)
John A
« on: August 07, 2010, 18:26:13 PM »

I read in the Swedish forum that is a Pardus meeting in Istanbul on sunday 8 august.
Anyone here know what they will discuss there? Smiley
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« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2010, 10:02:31 AM »

From twitter after using Google Translate confirmed:

@parduslinux which means "Pardus Developer Summit begins" ;-) #googletranslate  RT @Pardusman Pardus Geliştirici Zirvesi başlıyor. #pardus

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« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2010, 10:07:02 AM »

in addition they tweet something like before lunch they are discussing community related problems encountered by the developers and after lunch one discusses a governance model followed by an agreement / consensus being established by the developers.

It is hard to get the exact meaning of some turkish pgrases upon using Google translate, but something like this it is  Grin

Yemekten önce geliştirici tanımı nasıl yaparız sorusunu, camia ile ilgili problemleri olabildiğince tarif etmeye çalışacağız...

öğleden sonra yönetişim modeli konusunda bir oturum yapacağız ve ardından çıkan sonuçlar ışığında bir geliştirici sözleşmesi oluşturacağız

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« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2010, 10:11:58 AM »

While the opening day of the meeting erkan Tekman sums up the to-do list ... Cheesy

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« Reply #4 on: August 08, 2010, 11:11:24 AM »


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John A
« Reply #5 on: August 08, 2010, 19:33:54 PM »

It was some info here. I used Google translate to read:
« Reply #6 on: August 11, 2010, 20:02:40 PM »

This is what Semen Cirit wrote on her Turksih blog, translation by google.

Beginning and Growth of the community

I have written a post about a year ago by way of the community through the beginning stages of growth, how long and what problems you could encounter a different and more detailed articles could be found out by.

I have written the article last weekend that we have done my share Pardus Community Zirvesin'de my part to prepare the presentation was very helpful. (Presentations: community onset & development and infant-> young pardus)

Writing can be found below:

An interesting feature of the open source community is producing safe and high quality software. In this article, the entire community and open a software development environment, and how safe we will try to explain could be produced in a quality manner. Pardus Linux distribution which is a free software project, organizational behavior and the link between software quality and reliability will be discussed.

So far we see that the community can say that based on past experience, an open source project, the software uses the majority contributing seekers, communication and information flow to be fully open to produce safe and provides high quality software.

1. Login
Open source communities with different interests, aptitude and skills that are hundreds, sometimes thousands of volunteers are groups of people. Interestingly, these volunteers made up of community members of almost real life environment in and out of each other, with no face-to-face interview, as a team, a big, complex and reliable software project develops and the best. In addition, this project many individuals, corporations and governmental organizations worldwide are used.
Pardus stores are approximately 4,500,000 lines of code, although open to all users who use Pardus bug tracking system reported that the number of errors is around 1500. Approximately 200 of these new features of the reported error notification form. In this case, the error density of 100 lines per capita is approximately 0.031 [1].
Good results that can be installed across a series of questions to mind: how such behavior can result in a software project? Who makes the decisions? Encountered in the process of software projects is how to solve disputes? The resulting project, how the quality and reliability be ensured?
[2] None of the rest of the world do not recognize a stranger in the back, you can submit a patch and you're developing a flaw in the software can solve. The point is where the pace of open source software get an error occurs, the source code in the hands of many users, in the hands of someone suddenly turning into a mine and errors can be solved immediately. So the acceptance of these changes across all users out of the process and how does it work?
In this article, this process, Pardus Linux distribution with the organizational structure to produce safe and high quality software by explaining the relationship between, we'll try to explain it.
2. Organisational Behaviour
During this part of organizational behavior and structure of the community, community formation and growth and will discuss ethical issues in the community.
2.1. Organisational Behaviour
Effective and efficient operation of a particular organization for individuals, groups and organizational structures that investigated the interaction between them is the work area.

On the basis of organizational behavior;

    * Organizations are in the communication and interaction among members
    * The members of the organization to exist in the objective
    * Organization of the factors that motivate the members of
    * Organizational ethical constraints
    * Organization of information flow between the organization and to make it effective to create a knowledge takes place.

Organizational behavior as a model first individuals, then groups and finally the organization of behavior are viewing; production to increase and the labor of mass motivation and satisfaction, and its organizational commitment to increase its aims.
2.2. Organisational Structure
Create an organizational structure has great influence in the surrounding ecosystem. Because the organization will find the power of the ecosystem point.
Ecosystem interact with the organization can change more quickly and has a structure that can develop [4].

Ecosystems that depend on this organization was formed. Pardus has been found that ecosystem, information sharing and communication is a free system that's completely open. Formed in this ekositem can learn and develop an organizational structure itself may have emerged as a structure.

Self-learning organizations, organizational members to take action to improve their aim. Therefore, a learning organization intended to enhance the creativity, the individuals within the organization is constantly working to improve the experience.

2.3. Community
Self-learning organization in a community were gathered around. Organization, lifelong learners, relevant to changes, in contrast to the case against the makers and against many different alternatives as long as the conscious community can be defined as. Under a certain element of community is a group that can provide an endless communication [3].
2.4. Creation and Growth of the community
An organization created for a specific purpose in the beginning, enthusiasm, innovation, creativity and cooperation, and agreements are in a tight. But over time, as well as members of the organization in terms of both the business is growing and that individuals have different ideas are emerging. During this period the emergence of different ideas for the better organization and to develop positive. But the emergence of these different ideas that occur during the varieties and types of discussions are very important [5].

These species are generally expressed in two ways:

Functional argument: For the purposes of the organization as a matter of individuals with knowledge and skills as an objective discussion in which they are the types of ideas. Different perspectives in such discussions, with all aspects of the work to be done and being seen is to increase the performance of the work.

Discussion with emotion: These discussions, between individuals arise for several reasons and include subjective information, and the debate is an emotional perspective.

For these two types of organizations to discuss the benefits and harms can be found at the same time.


    * Improves Productivity: Discussion groups who lived line than not have a rapid growth.
    * Nothing that prevents psychology: Functional right thinking members of the organization of discussions, on topics such as creating alternative to kritize trigger.
    * Enhances creativity: curiosity and interest in increasing the functional discussions.
    * Enhances Continuity: An organization in a discussion about good and bad aspects of the emergence of a good way to create and provide a fair balance.


    * Strong negative effect of destructive and creative discussions Affect, thinking, connecting the blind and so creating a solidarity for this cause and the cause is becoming aggressive.
    * Affective discussions can lead to reluctance: Everyone thought to indicate the area has its own values and interests. Subjective debate, but not individual values of the organization are hurting, and this reluctance is caused.
    Affect * community discussions may jeopardize the continuity of: a community discussion of the success of solving methods depending on the ease and is said to exist.

Stage of the creation of a community takes place in four stages. The first stage of ideas and the emergence of opposition is. At this stage we have mentioned above are debates, differences are formed and the concept of community organizations are beginning to live for. The next stage of the diversity of individuals and the net becomes fully emerged is a stage. At this stage will lead to better community and try many different ideas are being produced. This stage is also the community's development of communication and communication structure is the creation of the stage. The third phase of the community structure and diversity of communication and education are considered, how communities interact with the ecosystem, and between them managed to describe the rules and standards are created is period. In this era of diversity and quality of work done in the community and can be divided into subgroups. Thanks to this rule is the end of the process is chaotic and everybody is happily in the community, and all around self-development is creating an environment to make it. The most recent phase, intra-community differences and embrace the community of learning, growth and create velocity continuity is maintained and the community there as long as the new situation and the risk of occurrence of the repeated to continue the stage is.

2.4. Ethics in community
Community formation and growth occurred when the formation of a rule that all mentioned in the previous section. Within the community and for the benefit of the individuals and the work that will allow to create more healthy thoughts and ethics are as invisible to the system.
Ethical self-learning healthy growth of a community, to continue and it is important for good quality work out. Community in accordance with these rules will win the new individual downloads, new process provides effective and efficient information sharing, and brings out your creativity, you can draw a reliable and quality work.
3. Pardus Community
Community pardus some of these communities through the process of formation and some of that is surely to go through.

Pardus fifth anniversary in 2010, is a young project. Why we call it here, young people, community formation phase of the step to the first stage and second stage and was about to leave the other part is that set out for.

Pardus community has witnessed changes in the last two years, and a variety of specific ty development process has gone the way of reconstruction.

The reason of this restructuring [6]:

    * Community development and learning mechanisms for the participation of more people to use more active.
    * To ensure the formation of knowledge within the Community.
    * Configuration and control to increase the traceability of the work and to all members of this job haberder
    * Community commitment to increase the motivation of individuals

All of the above-mentioned reasons but also improves the quality and reliability of the work.

Above all because of this sort that we have implemented in accordance with the community and engage in reconstruction, who will discuss the concepts and benefits.
3.1. Additive process
Pardus development processes made in the job scheduling of certain differences with that observation, and among them the goal difference occurs because of previously overall development concept in many of the concepts of separation, and to be different groups formed the path going to have. Pardus community in which contribute so that each individual contribution to the process and contributions continue in the lower part of the concept of process is divided into groups with different objectives. [7]

With those groups that already developing, testing, translation, documentation, visual design, in the form of presentation.

Community in which each individual can only belong to a group of more than one group at the same time may also be included.

3.1.1. Responsibilities

Since Pardus Project has contributed in each of the individual and community responsibility for the work must have been considered. Strengthen relationships between individuals of these responsibilities, communication and information flow is to increase quality.


Process is running on a contribution in the projects is continually working to be able to venture. Where continuity is expressed by a 24 / 7 is not working, but working on the issue is to ensure continuity.


Contribution to the project in more than one process may be running on the same subject. Besides making a contribution to this process from the work of another state may also be affected. Not only the continuity of the work, so other developers had contributed to affect the rate of accuracy is also important.


That decision made the changes should be made frequently. A common way to change the decision, followed by other contributions to the development of choppers, but more importantly it is dependent on the contribution of work seekers will make their work forces. So well thought out decisions and taking ideas from other contributions should be given to seekers.


Of the decision, even if small changes are required to inform Clients of the other contributions. Partners doing business and thus more consistent contributors and new contributors can work quickly followed by the opportunity to run the business issues can be more easily adapted.

Through this study the communication and information flow problem can be stated more ideas at a point and the solution can be produced more quickly.
3.1.2. Making process and the importance of the process of raising contributions
Pardus project, every person who wants to join is through a specific process information. Contribution to this process of information flow process is a process created for candidates to transfer. Built with each candidate wishing to join the system according to the area being appointed a mentor and mentor during his time spent with all the necessary information is provided to learn quickly. Mentors also help the candidate tracking process within this period did not fulfill their responsibilities are the following [8].

Pardus will contribute to each individual within the community to participate in work without problems, work effectively and happily, healthy communication, and thus able to provide quality and reliable business interests are working.
3.2. Bug Tracking System
Bug tracking systems by creating a bridge between developers and users, exchange information about problems experienced, and provides guidance for resolving [9].

This improvement of information exchange, rapid resolution of the error and thus increases the quality of the work.
3.2.1. Error Reporting
Able to use the system quickly and efficiently, due to the deliberate error reporting is the majority of users. Bug tracking system based on our experience we can say that is a good report, and the user, developer of information exchange is fast dissolution rate of errors is higher than others [10].

In this case, a large mass of users for better error reporting, positively affect the quality of the work is one of the factors that can be said.
3.2.2. Error Control
The reported bugs on a regular basis to be reviewed, what types of errors that, the importance of what was missing information contains does not checking the error if the critical or fatal error, the fastest way to resolve ensures [11].

3.3. Information Control
In each stage of the project is the inclusion of many different eyes, and they can submit comments to be made a regular business improves the quality and reliability.

Pardus Project as he works through different processes leading to better quality and reliability of aims.
3.3.1. Code Review
Pardus the software (packages) prior to the development of warehouses approved by the other developers are in a process. Pardus package of the package during this check as to whether appropriate policies will be reviewed by experienced developers. [12]

Through this process, the Pardus repository, enhance the quality of the package properties that have not been out of the decision is taken.
3.3.1. Process safety
Pardus stored in the free software to keep track of their vulnerability and the closure of these openings to provide a security team was formed. This team will collaborate with other distros and vendor-sec, oss-security e-mail lists the following as the vulnerability of the tracking is done.

Through this process quickly vulnerabilities are uncovered and are covered by the developer.
3.3.3. Test Process
Stable to be transferred to the warehouse, which will be in front of each packet and the user must pass the test process.

Pardus test team has been formed for this purpose [13]. With this team of security updates, and regular follow-up tests were carried out tests and stable storage of packets in the system does not test is working properly.

4. Result
Pardus community and the processes created and are creating healthy relationships, improving mutual knowledge and knowledge transfer, effective and conscious aims to grow.

Point of this goal would have any place in the world, took part in the development process and the many individual variations under the same roof is safe and good quality work out.

5. Thanks
While writing this article does not withhold assistance and share their past experiences offer my thanks to the members of the Pardus community.

6. Resources
[1] Geek.net, "Pardus Linux", http://www.ohloh.net/p/pardus-linux/analyses/latestTrans. , 2010.
[2] Con Zymaris, "Linux security strong as ever", http://www.zdnet.com/news/linux-security-strong-as-ever/298545. , 2010.
[3] David S. Walonick, "Organizational Theory and Behavior", http://www.survey-software-solutions.com/walonick/organizational-theory.htm. , 2010.
[4] Knowledge Jump Production, "Leadership and Organizational Behavior", http://www.nwlink.com/ ~ donclark / leader / leadob.html. , 2010.
[5] Ruben van Wendel de Joode, "Managing Conflicts in Open Source Communities", 2010.
[6] Carla C.J.M. Millar, Chong Ju Choi and Edward T. Russell, Jai-Boem Kim, "Open source communities: an integrally informed Approach", 2005.
[7] Pardus Linux, "New Contributors", http://developer.pardus.org.tr/guides/newcontributor/index.html. , 2010.
[Eight] Pardus Linux, "This is a Contirbutor How to?", http://Http://developer.pardus.org.tr/guides/newcontributor/how-to-be-contributor.html. , 2010.
[9] Pardus Linux Bug Tracking Guide ", http://developer.pardus.org.tr/guides/bugtracking/index.html. , 2010.
[10] Pardus Linux Bug Tracking System ", http://bugs.pardus.org.tr. , 2010.
[11] Pardus Linux Bug Tracking System ", http://developer.pardus.org.tr/guides/bugtracking/howto_bug_triage.html. , 2010.
[12] Pardus Linux Bug Tracking System ", http://developer.pardus.org.tr/guides/packaging/package-review-process.html. , 2010.
[13] Pardus Linux Bug Tracking System ", http://tr.pardus-wiki.org/Pardus:Test_Ekibi. , 2010.

11 August 2010 @ 07:56 AM

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