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Author Topic: Changes in the official community site.  (Read 685 times)
John A
« on: May 29, 2011, 23:57:36 PM »

It seems they will do some major changes in the official site:
(translated with Google)

"A new period starts

özgürlükiçin again

"Özgürlükiçin" going to a new structure.

Briefly describes what happened the last two months for those who do not have benefits. Pardus project management services since 2007, is carrying out through the intake of "community relations" in the scope of the Pardus project and decided to go their own way of purchase of facilities and services to manage relationships aldı.Camia Katipoğlu'ndan Koray Loker and Nihan, a team of established .

This is the work of the team "community Kordinatörlüğü" the capacity and mandate to do just "özgürlükiçin" will not be limited to, a meeting point for all the gentoo community will be . This community site description Özgürlükiçin TUBITAK / BİLGEN be in the same position with the other community sites, now the "Official Community Site" not understandable.

Nihan Katipoğlu'nun community coordinators in the forum posts with their own management and structure of decision making özgürlükiçin'in now been decided that it would be learned.

After meeting with many of the most important aid is the source of most of us Özgürlükiçin Bug "First Steps", "How", the "Forum"; Bug free software world and the developments we have learned Özgürlükiçin News; Pardusta Özgürlükiçin can play the games described in Games; Pardus repositories of packages introduced in the "Packages ", published in each version Pardus DVDs to acquire" Send to DVD with the delivery of new ideas by providing developers of Pardus support the development of "Brain"; first of all, including Ali IŞINGÖR ArtIstanbul team literally brought to life through selfless work özgürlükiçin'i " özgürlükiçin "have done.

For many years, and Pardus' s support for the development and widespread usage of free software around the same time, our country, Bug is a community committed to the emergence of community processes in a professional way this team does not exists in us all upset now. IŞINGÖR Ali and his team, and they taught us to appreciate.

Özgürlükiçin again

As a result of all this negativity in the self-determination at the point in going anymore. The first concrete examples of this recently with support from community members, work began with the creation of a new government. E-magazine 34 for the number of trials will begin running again soon başladı.Ajans Bug, the new executive team has been working participations. The general managers will serve as temporary, the duties of elected directors to be determined Özgürlükiçin Community Manager or to continue to serve until the site will work like it used to be.

You Join!

All members of this community restructuring process Özgürlükiçin'in invite you to become active support to the development. "What can I do?" I think we can say to our members: many things ...

    Bug stores can promote the packages
    You can review the game.
    To minimize the problems experienced to use Pardus beginners "First Step" can write documents.
    Pardus and developments in the world of free software haberleştirebilirsiniz.
    Software on the information "Workshop" to share the.
    Wallpaper, icon sets, desktop image, by sending a "Theme" section can provide enrichment.
    "E-magazine" you can write articles for.
    "Forum" can also answer questions cevaplanmayı pending.


Kazandırdıklarını us to offer the community service time for the community ..."

I dont know how the final result will be. But I hope they maybe think of the english speaking users to and write some articles in english and so on. Smiley
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Pardus fellow craft
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« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2011, 03:49:57 AM »

The main thing is the portal interface in English. now it is not.
John A
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2011, 05:23:55 AM »

They got a english section there. But its mixed in turkish and english in the topics.
And that are confusing:

To create a user account you must know the turkish language.

For a start they could improve that. Smiley

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« Reply #3 on: May 30, 2011, 15:30:13 PM »

The thing is;
OzgurlukIcin.com is known as the "official" community site. Things are changing here. There was a commercial PR company (ARTIstanbul) who was hired for managing the community & public relations of Pardus, thus they were handling the site management, forum management, e-magazine, podcast (in Turkish), sending Pardus DVD's (all over Turkey), press conferences and etc.

The company had an agreement for a limited time, and now that time is over. The developer (TUBITAK - Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey) decided not to renew the agreement with this mentioned PR company, but give responsibility and management to the community instead. This is considered to be freeing the community (letting the community to self-control itself). There are 2 persons (Koray Loker & Nihan) from the developers' side on the forums, as Community Coordinators. They are like the bridge between the official/developers' side and the free community.

According to their announcements, OzgurlukIcin.com will not be taken/mentioned as the "official" community site from now on! TUBITAK will be "sponsoring" the site and community but will not take place inside directly!

There have been some serious arguments among the community and the new coordinators (who speak on behalf of TUBITAK) regarding the new structure, definitions, management, etc. All these things have been spoken for the last 2 months, and things have started to just get clear these days.

As a result; community has taken responsibility and taken over the management of community as well. New admins are being chosen, new rules are being discussed, new crews are being assigned to missions, etc. So we all hope we will see better/brighter days for the Pardus Community!
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« Reply #4 on: May 30, 2011, 17:03:32 PM »

Hi dedebekri,
thanks for the info, i have a few questions.
1. how was responsibility of running the forum handed to the community.(was it by appointments,
voting etc.)
2 who is the community, is it english, turkish users etc.

Many thanks.
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