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April 23, 2014, 16:23:50 PM
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Author Topic: A very strange affair indeed.............  (Read 718 times)
« on: July 08, 2012, 02:59:27 AM »

Posted this just a minute ago over at the Google Group as well:

Sorry to be negative, but after the IRC meeting of 070712, It all seems so very strange. I admit am somewhat naive, but why is it this hard?


 I see 'faces behind the windows'...They and their 'potential friends' desperately want to get together and enjoy their common interests. But the friends eventually have to pass by....

Even though the faces behind the window - knowing full well that their foster-parents would never allow them outside - have still vainly attempted to encourage those outside to hang around...giving them the impression that those inside will be out.....soon. They have indicated that they can say the right words to their guardians and....

And so, those outside have waited - trying to occupy themselves in readiness and anticipation. Some of the more tenacious, that is. Most drifted off long ago and have since been happily playing with other children.

Alas the darkness of the night has the last word... and as the faces move away from the window, the streets outside are empty and silent.

The foster-parents, out of their insecurity, fear that if they allow the children to mix with others, with whom they can relate and express a natural affinity...then the 'hour-glass' representing the children's 'love' (indebtedness?) for the foster-parents will have been irreversibly turned upside-down.

Whatever, this all happened in the past and those faces were never seen again....

Oh, they were still there for a while, of course.....it's just that there was nobody to see them - that's all.....they had gone to play with their old friends.

I did hear that the house is all boarded-up, that the foster parents sold-up following the deaths of their children. Can children die of loneliness? Don't ask me?

I also heard a very strange rumour that the children were made to occupy that particular room at the front of the house and that when curious visitors would carelessly leave their toys lying around....then a certain shadowy figure would steal out undetected and gather up these oddments in a sack. Apparently these items were all to be later discovered in that cold front room........all haphazardly mixed together with the sad occupants own toys, in some kind of ....weird...unfinished.........structure?

Oh well, that's life!

Cor, this sack is bloomin' heavy!  Ta-ta....... Roll Eyes
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« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2012, 05:00:57 AM »

With respect,

When dealing with unknown people of unknown temperment with motives not yet proven valid, a "cyber nick name" is the first step towards elementary security.

For example , until I activated my account with facebook , spamming , phishing ,and targeted emails from nigerian telemarketers where never a problem.but now it is a constant thing.
It's just as well I used a "throw away " email account ,rather than one that I entrust to close ,personal,contacts or business.

When the proper time comes , I will use MY name, but not before.
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« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2012, 12:29:03 PM »

Coming back to our issue: I don't like it when people (real humans?) say:
#1 - Oh, please, I don't want my real name be known. Just let me vote through a cyber-nickname.
#2 - And, please, I can't give away my real address.

Above cowardice is unacceptable to me. Trust, courage, faith is all.
Cyber-identities is no decisioning-power.
I asked whether I needed to do that for the membership. Well, I have issues with these two points and really like to avoid them. Call it paranoia.

I would perhaps drop #1 for a very good reason. About like Anglo. Unless I also need to drop #2.

I would NEVER drop #2. That's why I also will never order something from amazon or the like. Call me crazy or cowardly. It's not going to happen. If this is a requirement, I cannot become a member of whatever. If someone tries to find out my real address and connect it to my real name, I will vanish as soon as  I notice it. No compromise.

There are no enemies at Worldforum I am sure.

Even if there may be "agents", I don't care. Agents, enemies are all around the world. This is life. You have to have faith Smiley
You must be aware that everybody in the world, including criminals, spammers, scammers and all kinds of national agencies and companies including MS are able to read all posts within this forum without being a member. And I really have no faith against all of them. Actually, I was a bit astonished that you mentioned your email address openly in a forum post, not even in a disguised way, that's something I would never do, because Spammers and scammers use "robots" to harvest email addresses from everywhere in the internet. But that's your way to do it, so I'm not going to complain about it. 
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